Can Raccoons Eat Mice

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if indeed raccoons can keep the population of mice and rats under check? Well, the answer is yes! Raccoons are like goats; they will feed on anything and everything including rats, mice, and even poultry. Raccoons like most animals are omnivorous; they feed on both plants and animals. However, it is important to understand that raccoons will only turn to mice as a last resort. 

Raccoon Feeding Habits

Raccoon Can Eat Your Pet’s Food

Raccoons will feast on anything that comes in their way, and their feeding patterns will change depending on where they find themselves. In the forest, raccoons will feed on anything that is available. When they get access to your property, they will feast on grain, pet food, and even garbage. Raccoonsare also known to feed on vegetable, nuts and lots more. 

What Do Raccoons Eat in the Wild?

When out in the wild raccoons will feed on anything available, both vegetable and animal food sources. Their diet will comprise of crawfish, berries, birds, mollusks, frogs, rats, squirrels and others. In case there are mice in an area with raccoons, they will be more than glad to add them to their diet. However, it’s important to note that raccoons find it extremely difficult to hunt mice due to their ability to detect their presence easily. 

What Do Raccoons Eat in Your Property?

Raccoons are very opportunistic, and will generally feed on all kinds of food. If you have encountered raccoons in your property, they’ve probably made a mess of your garbage cans foraging for food. They will feed on pet food, eggs, and anything edible they find on their way. Raccoons love eating poultry and won’t hesitate to eat your chicken if they get a chance. It is therefore important to avoid allowing them to notice the presence of poultry in your home. Once you notice their presence, contact your local raccoon removal service in Whitby to remove them. 

Can I Use Raccoons to Catch Mice?

A House Mice

Raccoons are known to catch live mice for sport, and will eventually eat them. However, it isn’t a good idea to introduce raccoons to control a mouse infestation. That would be solving one problem with another problem. Raccoons just like mice can cause significant damage to your home. They are also known to spread deadly diseases to humans. 

Raccoons can’t be used to control a mouse infestation for one reason. Mice are very smart. They can detect raccoons, and it’s very rare to find them foraging for food in raccoon territory. It will also take the smartest raccoons to catch a mouse. Mice rarely stay outside; they are known to hide in decks, attics, garages, porches, bathrooms, kitchens, meaning they rarely go outside. They are skillful when it comes to searching for food indoors. Raccoons on the other hand search for food outside, they will only invade your attic, deck or porch during nesting and winter seasons. 

What Chances Do Raccoons Have Catching Mice?

Raccoons just like cats will play hide and seek when trying to catch their prey. They will hide behind objects, barks, and trees to watch mice from a far distance before moving closer to attack. Mice and rats that get attacked by raccoons are often the unfortunate ones. The only chance raccoons get to feast on rats and mice is when they are lured outside by pet food. It is at this point they are susceptible to attacks by raccoons. Mice and rats are intelligent and can track and trace their route back to their hiding spots making them a hard target for raccoons.

Raccoons will not actively hunt for mice and rats; they don’t enjoy feasting on these little rodents. Raccoons will only hunt other animals when they are extremely hungry and have no option. There have also been reported cases of transmission of diseases from mice or rats to raccoons, especially when bites are involved. Due to this, raccoons are very skeptical when it comes to feasting on rats or mice. Therefore, if you have a rat or mice problem, the best and most effective solution to your problem would be to contact your local pest control professional such as Raccoon Control.