You laid your traps and you have successfully caught a raccoon in Ontario but have no idea what to do next. Keep in mind that raccoon is protected wildlife so killing it is not an option. You can’t transport it for more than one kilometer without a proper permit. If you release it near by, it’s going to come back especially if it has younglings under your shed or in your attic. You have few options other than to call an expert.

Why You Should Call an Expert after Trapping Raccoon

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Wildlife protection regulations are very clear. You cannot kill or otherwise harm wildlife. The longer the coon stays in the trap; the longer it is exposed to risk of predators, dehydration, starvation and the elements. The raccoon will most definitely struggle and attempt to free itself increasing the chances of it getting injured or dying from sheer exhaustion.

Releasing the raccoon within a kilometer radius isn’t much of an option either. First, there is the chance that the animal will reach through the bars to scratch or bite especially if you don’t know how to handle the cage properly. Raccoons are vicious animals when threatened. You can contract rabies from a raccoon bite or scratch. You are also exposed to leptospirosis, giardia and roundworm from the trapped animal’s feces and urine.

It is equally a bad idea to relocate a female raccoon in spring since this is when they typically have their babies. The unattended kits are sure to die of starvation and dehydration. This is inhumane and you will have the stench of rotting corpses haunting your house. Raccoons are relentless mothers and the animal may eventually find its way back to the nest. If she finds her entrance blocked, she will cause extensive damage to the structure in a desperate attempt to get to the children.

A wildlife control expert will know what to do with the trapped raccoon. He will also inspect your property since there is a high likelihood that there are other coons living there. The expert will seal up your property to avoid the animals getting in again and clean and disinfect feces and urine to avoid the spread of diseases.

Only a professional wildlife control service in Ontario can handle your raccoon problem safely, humanely and permanently. Ask for a warranty of at least two years to guarantee the issue is taken care of permanently.