Raccoon Removal Services. Do you hear occasional noises around your home, in the attic or around your home? You may shrug them off as nothing to be worried about, but you could actually be dealing with a larger issue-raccoons. Trust me you don’t want these critters nesting in your attic, chimney or walls. The usual headaches raccoons cause include smells and noises, safety issues, property damage and cost… all things that you must avoid. You need to contact Raccoon Removal Services to remedy this situation right away. 

So how can you know when there are raccoons lurking in your property? Well, watch out for any of these signs to determine when you need to contact a removal expert:

• Unusual Noises: Bumps and creaks are not uncommon sounds in old homes, however if you start noticing odd sounds you don’t recognize, you should contact a removal service for property inspection. Raccoons make scurrying sounds that you can easily identify.

• Foul Smells: Most home owners make a constant effort to eradicate unpleasant odors in their home. If you note a foul odor in your home that just will not go away, you should call a removal service straight away. This may be a sign that there’s a dead animal in your home. Sometimes raccoons can get stuck in the attic, chimney or walls. When they die there, the carcasses decompose and emit an unbearable stench.

• Mysterious Damages: If you note unusual damage to your property, you can be sure raccoons are trying to get gain into your home hence you need to contact a removal service provider. Raccoons are known to chew holes in walls and siding so keep your eyes open for entry points or small holes in siding, walls and roofing.

• Feces: Raccoons leave droppings on their path during their stay. You might also notice tufts of fur or remnants of recently devoured meals scattered about. A professional removal service can assist you determine what type of nuisance animal is leaving behind the droppings and how to get rid of it.

• Footprints: Large footprints left in your yard are a sign that raccoons reside there, and are a potential trigger to call in the pros.

Paying attention to these signs around your house will save you from the headache of severe and expensive property damage in the future. Raccoons can be dangerous, so you need to contact a trained raccoon removal professional if for one reason or another you suspect they are residing in your home. Call: 647-557-7932