How do raccoons break in from a soffit

Raccoons are quite large, meaning they are less subtle when it comes to making their presence known. If you’ve heard noises in certain parts of your home after spotting a raccoon then it’s likely it’s made a home in your house. The places most people find raccoons in Toronto are the garage, attic, deck, and sheds. These places tend to have small cracks that the creatures can manipulate to gain access. When you notice any of the signs listed, contact a wildlife removal company to get them out of their hiding place.

How to Know Where Raccoons Are Hiding

Unusual noises are an indication there’s a raccoon in the home. When it the attic, you will hear a thumping sound. These creatures are among the largest in the urban setting and given their size and weight; they may sound like a toddler is walking around in the attic. The deck space tends to be smaller so you might hear bumps or scratch on the wooden frame.

Raccoons are vocal; you will likely hear deep, loud noises. If you hear high pitched cries, then there’s a mother raccoon with a litter nesting in your house. These activities will be heard sometime in the late evening or night. Raccoons are nocturnal animals.

In early spring, raccoons mate and birth their young ones. If you begin hearing unusual sounds around this time, then there’s a nest. Not responding to the noise immediately means you’ll have unwelcomed visitors for three months until the cubs are grown enough to get by on their own.

Just like in the wild, you’ll see nesting materials. They include twigs, leaves and other debris. For the most part, however, they will tear up insulation or use pieces of clothes and fabrics. If you spot any of these, they are around. Other signs of raccoon presence include damage to drywall, roofing tiles, wooden beams and other materials in your attic or garage, and food scraps.

What to Do With Raccoons in the House

Contact your local raccoon removal company. They will find entry points, seal them using galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing, only leaving an exit door. Once the activity has stopped, they remove the door and seal the space. That is after removing raccoons and cleaning the area. An ideal Toronto company will give you a two-year warranty.