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Case Study: Raccoons Damage and Live Under Front Porch in Brampton

This case study recounts a raccoon removal and exclusion job in Brampton. Raccoons had damaged the front porch of this home and were living under it, where they would come out at night to do more damage to the yard. The professionals at Raccoon Control removed the animals safely and excluded them from the deck with our guaranteed wildlife-proofing services.


Brampton, an ever-developing city, has grown significantly over the past few decades. Filled with quiet residential neighbourhoods and dotted with many recreational parks, the city of Brampton has become the ninth largest city in Canada.

Peel Art Gallery Brampton
Peel Art Gallery in the City of Brampton

Well known for its tight communities and many industries, the city is constantly buzzing with activity. Hwy. 410, which runs through the center of Brampton, has become a popular gateway to cottagers and commuters traveling to small towns to the north.

As with many active and densely populated urban areas, Brampton has attracted various critters including racoons. These masked pests strive by ransacking garbage bins and hiding in tight spaces.

In this case we will detail how we evacuated a raccoon that had made the rear deck under-space its home.


Our customer called us after discovering at least one raccoon living under her deck. It appeared the raccoons had been active on her property for some time.

Our certified wildlife technicians were sent to the Brampton home to conduct a full inspection of the property and with hopes to help the homeowner solve the issue.

Raccoon Deck Damage
Deck skirting is seen broken off the deck allowing for raccoons to crawl under.

The technician concluded that that the skirting around the deck had indeed fallen, allowing for the raccoons to enter the bottom space of the deck freely. This may have been caused by the raccoons themselves. It is important to inspect deck or porch skirting often to make sure it has not been tampered with by animals.

The raccoons appeared to have been living under the deck for some time. Enclosed spaces such as decks, porches, and attics are attractive to raccoons as it provides them with a warm space away from predators.


At the homeowner’s convenience we returned soon after our first visit to perform the exclusion work. The goal was to block all access to the space under the rear deck. This was done by digging a trench on the ground and installing approximately 30 feet of galvanized steel mesh around the perimeter of the deck. The mesh was buried one foot under the ground with a six-inch outward fold. This method prevents raccoons from digging under the mesh.

Raccoon Deck Exclusion with Galvanized Steel Mesh
Galvanized steel mesh is buried and secured to prevent raccoons from digging under.

A one-way-door was also installed to ensure that any animals left inside the space could easily and safely escape. This door stays in place for a few weeks, depending on weather, and is then removed and sealed with the same mesh.

Deck Exclusion with Galvanized Steel Mesh
Installation of galvanized steel around perimeter of the deck.
Raccoon One-Way-Door Under Deck
A one-way-door was put in place to allow any animals left under the deck to escape safely.

The homeowner pointed out to us that raccoon feces had been found in the yard along the walls. We suggested to the owner that it should be removed and disinfected. In doing so, it will not only kill any pathogens in the area but also eliminate the scent, which may attract more animals.

Our technician finished up by removing all the feces on the property and disinfected the areas with a commercial grade disinfectant.

Raccoon Feces Along the Walls of Home
Raccoon feces were found throughout the yard along the walls.


This raccoon removal in Brampton was a perfect example of a typical eviction of an unwanted animal from under a deck. Our qualified professional was quick to identify the broken skirting which allowed the raccoons to move into this cozy space.

Removal of wildlife from a property is critical in avoiding further problems. Animals often attract other animals with their scents, by leaving food scraps scattered, or simply by making noise. That is why it is important to contact a professional wildlife removal company as soon as you suspect activity.