Do Raccoons Carry Fleas?

Raccoons carry a plethora of bacteria, viruses and parasites. They can carry ticks, rabies and their feces can make you very sick with all kinds of illness. They also can carry fleas. These fleas can get on your pets and even you and spread illness in their wake by feeding on the raccoon and then passing that blood on to others in the home. Fleas are also a serious problem on their own so make sure to protect your pets from fleas using one of the various methods available. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Toronto  to solve your raccoon problem!

If you have raccoons in your house don’t stop to check if they have fleas, check yourself and your family and your pets and if they don’t then you still need to get that raccoon out of your house. You can take steps on your own to help prevent more raccoons from coming to your property like sealing away your garbage in a locked container and storing it in the garage, make sure the door closes to the ground or they may be able to squeeze in. Then you should make sure to remove all food from outside. If you feed your pets outside, stop, if you have breakfast outside, take the food in right away. Don’t take a chance and let a raccoon be attracted to your property for even a moment because if they think they have found access to food they will stay on the property and likely break into the house. 

If a raccoon is in your house you should call the professionals at Raccoon Control. Our technicians are highly trained in handling all kinds of problems from pests and wildlife to sterilization and attic insulation replacement. We use a safe and humane method to get the raccoon out of your house which only takes about a week to work, a one-way door that lets them leave but stops them from getting back in. Call no, why wait?