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How to tell if a baby raccoon is orphaned

Raccoons are mammals and like most mammals the females are excellent mothers that care for her babies until they are ready to leave the nest and hunt on their own. They are very aggressive to anything or anyone that approaches her babies and defends them with her life, which it may come to if she is found by a male she did not mate with. That said, baby raccoons are completely dependent on their mother for the first nine months, that’s a long time for a raccoon mom to protect her babies. If one of the babies were to wander off when they have become at least partially mobile then they would quickly get lost and run out of energy to move. For this period the animal can only drink its mother’s milk so if you find one don’t try to feed it as you will likely harm or kill it. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Toronto  to solve your raccoon problem!

If you find a baby raccoon on your property don’t fear, the mother did not likely abandon it. There is a slim chance she may be dead, killed by another raccoon or animal or run over by a car but the likelihood is the baby just wandered off and the mother is looking for it as we speak. Now the mother will not leave the babies there if it smells human on it but wear gloves for your own safety from any diseases or parasites the baby may be carrying. The babies are also not nocturnal until they reach adulthood so they are awake in the day time. This increases the chance they will wander away. 

If it seems healthy and is not in danger you can leave it where it is if it is cold out you can put it in an open box with a piece of rag or a tea towel to partially cover the animal but don’t cover too much or the mother may not be able to get it out of the box and it may suffocate. Babies make the removal of raccoons more costly. Babies complicate removal as these babies need to be removed and re-united with their mother on the exterior, the cleanup is always more complicated.