Why Do Raccoons Often Live in Garages?

Professional Raccoon Inspection – Expertise and Equipment

When customers report sounds of squeaking, scratching and scurrying in places like their attic, under their floors or inside their chimney, our technicians from raccooncontrol in Toronto already have a good idea  who the culprits are even before they arrive on the scene.  This is simply based on the type of sounds being heard and when they are heard, along with any other signs indicated by the customer. Be it squirrels, mice, raccoons, rats or any other pest species, our technicians poses the equipment and the know-how, based on years of experience, to solve your problem without any issues. However, what if these sounds are coming from a hard-to-reach place, such as your sub-ceiling, or even behind your drywall? Is the solution simply to start tearing your home apart from the inside out, without knowing where or what animals may be living there, and then having to spend even more of your hard earn money to repair the damage? Not anymore, now that The Exterminators inc. is the first company in the pest control industry to equip their technicians with top-of-the-line thermal cameras!

If you’re hearing noises behind your drywall, in your sub-ceiling, underneath your floors or in your attic, one of our technicians will be happy to show you thermal images of what’s going on behind the scenes with one of our thermal cameras. By finding areas of higher and lower temperature behind surfaces like wood, brick or concrete, our technicians can find game trails, caches, nests and latrines created by your unwelcome guests, helping them figure out how to fix your problem quickly and professionally, and with minimal damage to your home. Raccoon control has got you covered!