Wildlife Proof Soffit Oshawa

Case Study: Raccoon & Baby Removal from Soffit in Oshawa

Soffit intersection intrusions are very common. Raccoons break into soffits by lifting the thin sheet metal with their backs as they push up. We solve hundreds of raccoon problems throughout the Greater Toronto Area every year. This . This will analyze and recount a raccoon removal in Oshawa. We were called in when customers started hearing noises in their attic. A piece of soffit soffit was missing at the roof/soffit intersection. It will detail the steps taken in exclusion, by the technician, to humanely remove the raccoon from the attic along with an inspection for raccoon babies. A technician was sent out to inspect the attic for raccoon babies and to exclude the raccoon using a one-way door.

Our technicians, before the exclusion, must first inspect and confer with the customer or customer’s on the issue and then must inspect for levels of activity.

Kedron, Oshawa: A Beautiful Suburban Neighborhood Near Nature

Oshawa was a town founded in the municipality of Durham county in South East Ontario. The town was not named until a post office was built in 1847. It was known as a port of entry and a major manufacturing centre and is the home of General Motors. Manufacturing is a large part of the city of Oshawa. Kedron is near a golf course and many parks, in a rural setting it is common for properties to be invaded by wild animals.

 Exterior Wildlife Inspection 

The exterior inspection found an opening at the soffit where it meets the roof. This is the main entryway the animal used to enter the attic and must be excluded with a one-way door to allow the animal to humanely vacate.

Raccoon Broken Soffit
Raccoons often break into attics by pushing the thin sheet metal of the soffit up with their backs.

Interior Inspection

The attic inspection revealed that there were no immobile adolescent raccoons who could leave the attic on their own. A secondary one-way door was attached to allow the adolescent raccoons to vacate as well as the parent. The entryway to the attic the animal used was also sterilized and disinfected.

Raccoon Babies in Attic
Raccoons break into attics in the late Winter and Spring months to have babies. These animals have to be removed with care and re-united with their mothers.

Initial Measures

The technician built a multi-purpose door for both the adult raccoon and the mobile adolescent raccoons to vacate. The reason for more than one door is that the adolescent raccoons are not strong enough to move the adult door which is intended to be too difficult for the adult to open from the other side. The adolescent raccoons will exit through the smaller door to the side which is easier to travel through. It is also too small for the adult raccoon to use. The technician disinfected and deodorized the main entryway.

Proposed exclusion

The technician constructed a special one-way door to allow both the adult raccoon mother to vacate the attic as well as her mobile adolescent raccoons. The raccoon was fully vacated along with its adolescent raccoons but had been seen on the property so exclusion was improved.

Raccoon Soffit Exclusion
Once the small animals are out, a raccoon one way door is installed to allow any grown animals to exit from the attic
Raccoon One Way Door
Some times we have to install multiple types of one way doors. This is done to make it much easier for animals by giving them more options to vacate.
Wildlife Exclusion Work
Our wildlife exclusion work is always very strong. We use the best hardware available on the market. This is to prevent animals from breaking through. We take extra care to make sure everything is sealed up to prevent not only animals but also moisture issues.
One way door removal raccoons
Once the one way door is removed, the area is sealed with galvanized steel. Any screws and or screw holes are sealed with specialized roof sealant to prevent moisture from coming in.


In conclusion, the raccoon and its babies were challenging to evict. The one-way door was successful however and the animal and its babies were humanly removed from the attic, re-united with the raccoon mother on the outside and have since left the property. The One-way door was taken down and the area was closed off with galvanized steel mesh to prevent re-entry the customers have reported they are pleased with the service.