Case Study: Raccoon Removal with Babies from Soffit in Vaughan

This article will analyze and recount a case of a live raccoon and babies in an Attic. It will detail the steps taken in exclusion, by the technician, to humanely remove the raccoon from the attic along with an inspection for immobile raccoon babies. One more successful raccoon removal Vaughan!

The technicians, before the exclusion, must first inspect and confer with the customer or customer’s on the issue and then must inspect for levels of activity. The customer’s original complaint was the presence of raccoons and raccoon babies in the attic, the babies are between joists. A technician was sent out to inspect the attic for raccoon babies and to exclude the raccoon using a one-way door.

 Hope, Vaughan: A Small Neighborhood Near Nature And a Golf Course

Hope is the most Northern community in Vaughan. It is a very rural community that is very close to a wildlife reserve. This means wild animals are a normal site in the area. The community “downtown” core is at the corner of Kirby and Keele street that stretches as far as Bathurst. This community is small and with few inhabitants. There is a golf course nearby and plenty of forest surrounding the area. Keele Street and Highway 53 house most of the industry and some limited shopping and restaurant offerings. The future of hope is to be combined with local towns Teston and Maple and plans are in the works to build a go station that will be built along the Barrie line, making this area far more accessible to travelers and commuters.

 Exterior Inspection 

When the technician arrives on site they will perform an exterior inspection of the outside of the house. The initial inspection on-site was to attach a one-way door to evict a raccoon adult. An opening was found at the soffit of the roof as well as a second soffit area that needed exclusion. Technician returned for a second inspection to find raccoon re-entry to store the pups while she found a new den.

Interior Inspection

The technician inspects the attic for immobile babies. The attic inspection revealed both immobile raccoon babies that need to be removed but also revealed feces in the insulation that needs to be removed as well as sterilized.

Raccoon Baby Removal in Vaughan
raccoon babies are removed from the attic and re-united with their mother on the exterior of the property
Raccoon Feces in Attic
Raccoons have been using this attic as a latrine. It is always a good idea to remove raccoon feces and disinfect the area

Initial Measures

The immobile raccoon babies were removed and placed in a box, on the ground near the one-way door exit constructed for the adult raccoon. This is necessary as raccoon babies are blind and immobile for the first few weeks of their lives. Feces were also found in the attic insulation.

Proposed exclusion

The technician installed the one-way door at the soffit intersection and sealed the second roof soffit intersection that was also a possible entryway for wild animals. The technician then installed a one-way door for the animal to be humanly removed. The exclusion was completed and the raccoon was evicted.

Raccoon Proof Soffit
Soffits are secured with galvanized steel mesh to prevent animal entry in the future.

A Raccoon One Way Door
A raccoon one way door is installed on the entry point to allow animals exit but not re-entry


The initial inspection found a large amount of exclusion to be done along with the construction of a one-way door and exclusion surrounding it. The raccoon was vacated and the immobile raccoon babies were successfully removed from the attic and taken by the raccoon mother. All exclusion was completed on-site except for a second visit where the raccoon returned to store its babies. Shortly after the work was completed the raccoon made a new entryway in the soffit of the overhang to store her babies while looking for a new home. The new entryway was patched with steel mesh and the babies were removed again and returned to the box.