Squirrel One-Way Door Removed Roof Edge Excluded

Case Study: Raccoon and Squirrel Removal in Old Toronto

This case will examine a raccoon removal service in Old Toronto. Raccoons and squirrels were both removed from a property in Brockton Village in which multiple areas on the roof were damaged with various entry points. A combination of one-way doors and wildlife-proof exclusion has since left the attic of this property pest-free.

Roof inspection for entry points

This customer in Toronto called us after hearing scratching noises coming from the attic. The noises could be heard from the second floor and the homeowner suspected that squirrels or raccoons had entered through the roof.

We dispatched one of our highly trained wildlife technicians to investigate the issue and come up with a plan to remove the animals and secure the structure.

Our inspections for raccoon removal usually focus on the roof structure of the home. We look for damage to areas commonly used by wildlife to make entry into the attics, such as roof vents, soffit intersections, and the drip edge of the roof.

Raccoon Entry Point in Soffit
Raccoons can easily damage soffits and create entry points into the attic.

At this location, our technician discovered several problems that would account for wildlife being present in the attic. Soffit trim was damaged, and a six-inch gap was seen around the entire roof edge. A large hole was present where a previous company had installed a one-way-door that had since been ripped out. A three-foot gap in the soffit was also observed in the backyard side of the roof. To make the matters worse, the soffit intersection in the rear of the house appeared to have been pushed in.

Soffit Raccoon Damage
Extensive damage is seen in a soffit in this Brockton Village.

A squirrel nest was also seen where a previous attempted exclusion had been installed.

Squirrel Nest in Old Exclusion
A squirrel’s nest was present at this property.

It was clear that this problem had been neglected for quite sometime and it was going to take great efforts to remediate it.

A visual inspection of the attic space revealed it did not appear that babies were present. During breeding season, which is usually from mid-March to as late as June, our technicians will always inspect the interior attic space for potential nests and raccoon kits.

Raccoon Exclusion Installation

We promptly proceeded to install a one-way-door at the primary entry point for any raccoons to leave the structure. Because of the presence of a squirrel nest, we also installed a squirrel one-way-door, which is smaller than the raccoon door. These installations are always our first step to remove animals from confined spaces and are amazingly effective in doing so. They are designed to allow the animals to humanely vacate the space and not be able to re-enter.

Squirrel One-Way Door in Roof Edge
A squirrel one-way-door was also installed to allow the animals to exit the attic.

A third door was installed that is especially designed to allow juvenile raccoons to move through. Smaller that an adult raccoon door and slightly easier to push through.

Squirrel One-Way Door Removed Roof Edge Excluded
Once the raccoon activity is no long longer noticed, we remove the one-way-door and secure it with galvanized steel mesh.

Our technician than removed the squirrel nest, which was empty. In doing so, we minimize the temptation by other squirrels or wildlife to use the nest in the future.

We finished by installing a stretch of galvanized steel mesh over the larger holes along the soffit. This mesh is durable and strong enough to withstand any gnawing by raccoons. This reinforcement will prevent wildlife from using the same holes to re-enter the attic.

Raccoon OWD Removed Hole Excluded
Raccoon-proofing the drip edge of the roof.


Neglecting roof damage for long periods of time may come with extreme consequences. Not only does the homeowner risk water damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair, but it will also invite wildlife in search of a confined and warm space to call home. It is important to identify this issue as soon as possible and if animals are present in the attic to call a professional wildlife removal company to evacuate them and keep them out.

All of our exclusion work is guaranteed for two years which means that homeowners can have the peace of mind that if wildlife breaks through any of our installations, we will return to repair or replace.