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Case Study: Raccoons Damage Roof Vents in Mississauga

The following case study details a raccoon removal job in Mississauga, Ontario. This article will detail the steps involved in their identification, removal, and exclusion.

Mississauga: Industry, Suburban Living, and Wildlife

As part of the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga has grown exponentially over the past decades. An even mix of residential, commercial, and industrial, Mississauga has become one of more prominent urban areas of the country.

It is not only the home to Toronto Pearson International Airport, but also to many of the largest corporations in the world.

Erindale Park Mississauga
Erindale Park in Mississauga

There are two river valleys that run through Mississauga, the Credit River and Etobicoke Creek. These intense forested waterways attract various kinds of wildlife, as well as hikers and cyclists.


Our customer contacted us with concerns that raccoons were present in their house. Noises had been heard in the attic for some time and one of the attic roof vents appeared damaged.

One of our licensed wildlife technicians was dispatched to investigate the issue and determine what course of action would be required to remediate it. Our technicians are trained to inspect a house in search of potential entry points on and around the roof structure.

Common points of entry used by wildlife include soffit intersections, roof drip edges, and vents.

Exposed Roof Vent Mississauga
Our technician identified one roof vent as the primary point of entry.

On this roof, our technician found one vent that had been severely damaged. Roof vents are usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic vents are no match for wildlife looking for a gateway into a cozy and warm attic. Raccoons, in particular, are notorious for gnawing through plastic items.

Raccoon Broken Roof Vent
Raccoons have easy access to the attic once they break through a plastic roof vent.

Roof vents are extremely vulnerable to wildlife damage. During the cooler days, they emit heat from within the home which attracts animals. Raccoons and squirrels in search of a warmer place to create a den will have little difficulty in breaching these features.


Our technician first installed coated galvanized steel mesh covers over all the other roof vents and plumbing vents. This will ensure that no other breaches into the attic will take place.

Roof Vent Covers Mississauga
Coated galvanized steel mesh covers were installed to protect roof vents.

On the compromised vent, we installed a one-way-door. This specially designed door allows for raccoons to exit the attic in a safe and humane manner and does not allow them to return. This door will remain in place for a few days and will then be removed and patched.

Raccoon One-Way Door Roof Vent
A one-way-door was installed on the breached vent to allow the raccoon to exit the attic.

When we returned to path the one-way-door, we were informed by our customer that no more noises were heard coming from the attic space.


Raccoons have become a prominent part of the urban ecosystem and are widely accepted by most people as regular strollers through our neighbourhoods. They can be cute as babies and entertaining as adults. But one thing is certain- these critters are never a welcomed sight- or sound- in our homes.

Raccoons may care diseases such as rabies and roundworm that may infect humans. It is important to keep them at bay as much as possible. In attics, they can also be destructive by chewing through wiring and insulation.

In this case, the customer acted swiftly and contacted us as soon as noises were heard in the attic. Our team acted promptly, and we were able to remove the animal from the attic and secure the roof so as to not have unwanted tenants in the house.

Our exclusion work carries a 6-month warranty and if any damage occurs to our installations, we will return to repair or replace.