Raccoon Latrine on Garage Roof

Case Study: Raccoons Leave Feces on Toronto Property, Rats Burrow Under Deck

The following article deals with a raccoon feces removal job in Toronto. Piles of feces were removed from the garage roof and underneath the deck of a single-family home. The areas were then disinfected thoroughly to remove germs and odours. Upon cleaning up the raccoon feces, signs of rat burrowing and carpenter ant activity were also found. The technician on site treated the property accordingly and it has been pest-free since. If you are concerned about the raccoons in your area, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


The homeowner in this case called Raccoon Control because he found piles of raccoon feces under his deck. This is typical raccoon behaviour. Instead of leaving their droppings everywhere, like rodents, raccoons prefer to go to the same locations, repeatedly. These locations are known as latrines and are more hygienic for the animals. Latrines are problematic however because they smell terrible, and they may contain dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites. A technician soon arrived on the scene to treat the problem.

Here, one latrine was found underneath the deck and another on top of the garage. Latrines are often found in these areas, especially on raised surfaces like the roof. While locating the latrines, the technician also found signs of rat burrowing underneath the deck. Rats are unfortunately common in residential areas. They like to burrow under decks, sheds, and other structures where they can find shelter. One pest also leads to another. The rats may have been feeding on the raccoons’ feces.

Raccoon Latrine on Garage Roof
Raccoon droppings look a lot like dog poop and are usually found in piles, like this one.

Carpenter ants were also found on the exterior of the garage. They do not feed on animal droppings, but dig tunnels into wooden structures, causing damage. Thankfully, our technicians are equipped to deal with nearly any pest they find. The technician in this case offered to exterminate the ants and set up a rat removal program on the spot.


First, the technician sprayed the feces with a powerful disinfectant. This ensures that no germs or parasites become airborne during the removal process. Next, the technician physically removed the two latrines and bagged them carefully. He then sprayed the areas once more to remove all germs and neutralize odours. As a final touch, he used a steamer to kill any potential roundworm eggs left on the surfaces.

Roundworm is an intestinal parasite that affects humans, cats, and dogs. Infected animals pass roundworm eggs in their feces, which then go into the soil. As such, the parasite goes from one animal to the next when the eggs have been accidentally ingested. Eggs can also become airborne when the feces are dry, which allows them to be inhaled. Because roundworm is common in raccoons, it is important that latrines be removed properly. In this case, the technician did everything he could to ensure that no eggs survived.

Raccoon Roundworm
Raccoon roundworm is a terrible parasite that risks making you or your pets very sick.

As for the rats, the technician placed a few bait stations around the exterior of the property. These are tamper-proof containers of rodenticide that have holes on their sides to let rats in. Rats are attracted to the bait and feel sick after a few ingestions. Other animals, like squirrels, do not like the taste. When the rats feel sick, they retreat into their burrows to perish. The carpenter ants were removed immediately with the help of an insecticidal spray.


Raccoon feces are dangerous and should be removed immediately. Here, the technician removed them thoroughly and used professional-grade tools to eliminate all germs and parasites. The rat removal program eliminated the rat population within a few months and the carpenter ants were no longer a threat, thanks to the technician’s early detection. If you have been witnessing some raccoon activity on your property, or if there is a latrine on your property, give us a call. We provide safe and effective solutions to all raccoon problems.