Wall Vent Damage Etobicoke

Case Study: Raccoons use Wall Vents to Reach Attic in Etobicoke

The following case study recounts a raccoon removal and wildlife-proofing job in Etobicoke. Raccoons were found nesting in the attic of an Etobicoke property and removed safely with a one-way door. A comprehensive exclusion of the home has since left this house pest-free. If you are worried about the raccoons in your area, reach out to Raccoon Control. We provide humane and affordable raccoon solutions.

Etobicoke, Ontario

Etobicoke encompasses the western area of the City of Toronto. Settled in the 1790’s by Europeans, the borough of Etobicoke became its own municipality in 1984. In 1998 it was amalgamated into what is now the City of Toronto.

Etobicoke is bordered by two main waterways- the Etobicoke Creek to the west and the Humber River to the east. It is home to some of the GTA’s largest parks including Humber Bay Park and Centennial Park.

Humber Bay in Etobicoke, Toronto.

Most of the residential areas are of single-family homes. Quiet streets and cul-de-sacs line these quiet neighbourhoods. Etobicoke’s neighbourhoods have matured, making themselves a perfect home for raccoons and other wildlife. In this case study, we will look at the eviction of raccoons from an attic.


Our customer in Etobicoke was concerned that wildlife had made their way into the attic of their property. Noises were being heard that sounded like animals walking. From our experience, when noises sound like thumbs moving through an attic, we are usually dealing with raccoons. Squirrels and other rodents tend to be quieter when walking and are more likely to make scratching sounds.

We sent one of our trained professional wildlife technicians to take a look in the attic for any activity. Because we were still within the timeframe that raccoons could be giving birth to kits, we wanted to make sure that if babies were present that they were safely removed.

At this location, no babies were found and therefore we proceeded to inspect the property for any points of entry into the attic.

Wall Vent Damage Etobicoke
We identified a wall vent that had been damaged, which created a clear entry into the attic of the property.

Our technician identified two entry points through vents installed high on the walls that ventilate the attic. These are made of plastic and are usually a preferred feature for raccoons to use as an entry point. Their weak construction makes it easy for the highly dexterous creatures to pull and rip off.


The first priority when dealing with raccoons in an attic is to create a passage that the animals can use to escape the space in a safe and humane way. We do this by installing a special one-way-door that allows the raccoons to exit the attic and not be able to re-enter. We installed the one-way-door at one of the breached vents. This installation will remain in place long enough for the animals to leave. We will then return to remove and cover the hole.

Raccoon One-Way Door on Roof Vent
A one-way-door was installed over the damaged vent to allow the raccoons to leave the attic and not be able to re-enter.

To further prevent any wildlife from entering the structure, we installed PVC-coated steel mesh covers over all the vents on the walls. These durable covers are strong enough to withstand gnawing and grabbing by raccoons.

Wall Vent Covers Wildlife-Proofing Toronto
PVC-coated steel mesh covers were installed over all vents to prevent wildlife from entering the structure in the future.

All of our exclusion work is guaranteed for 2-years and if any animal damages or removes it we will return and replace or repair it.


Raccoons can certainly be a nuisance when present in urban areas and when they breach into a home- specifically an attic- they are more than a nuisance, they are destructive intruders. Raccoons can easily chew through wiring, will damage insulation, and will make a mess out the attic. Feces and urine will often leave a strong odour that will require disinfection and deodorization, often costing hundreds of dollars.

Identifying the presence of these mammals in a home early is key to preventing extensive damage. In the case above, the property owner was aware of the strange noises and contacted a professional wildlife removal company right away.