Get ready for Raccoon Baby season- the Importance of a Professional Wildlife Inspection

Get ready for Raccoon Babies- Professional Wildlife Inspection

The baby season for most animals occurs in the spring and early summer months, and the animals which may find their way into your property or home are no different. When the weather takes a turn from cold to warm, from mid-march to early June, raccoons begin to seek-out nesting places to provide their young with a safe and secure habitat to grow and mature. Garages are a favourite of raccoons during baby raccoon season, as well as attics, crawl spaces and decks. Once they’ve found a spot that they like, along with a partner, it will take professional knowledge from Raccoon Removal Markham to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it.

Allowing one of our certified and fully-licensed technicians to inspect your property will guarantee that Raccoon entry points are found, and if babies are present, they know exactly how to remove and relocate them properly. Don’t forget that animal protection laws in Ontario are very strict, and improper handling of these animals and their young could result in a fine of up to $5,000. Also, female Raccoons can be quite vicious when they are raising their babies or “kits”, and without prior experience handling and capturing them, you could risk serious injury to yourself, not to mention that they can carry many life-threatening types of diseases and bacteria, such as Round Worm.

Equipped with all the proper removal, exclusion and safety gear, our technicians will be on the scene to inspect your property and remove raccoons and their young in a humane and efficient manner. Once the young and mother are removed, our technicians will release them together, providing them with water and shelter for the time being. The mother will then seek-out a new den to relocate her babies, while our technicians begin to repair any damages the animals may have caused to prevent them from returning anytime in the future. Our technicians are also equipped with medical-grade disinfectant and deodorization products, which will eliminate all germs and bacteria and even the foulest smells from any place on your property.

Raccoon baby season, which takes place between March and June, is a time when infestation rates in homes rises dramatically. The young will remain immobile for first 2 months, and the longer these animals remain on your property, the more damage they will create, costing you more and more as time goes on. Act fast, and call wildlife shield to solve all of your Raccoon problems during baby season! Baby raccoon removal can in some cases drive up the cost of raccoon removal. The longer they stay inside your attic, the more damage they will cause.