baby raccoon nest in tile wall

Benefits of Using Infrared Cameras for Attic Inspections

Is there a raccoon in your home or on your property? Are they destroying your garden and ripping into your garbage and causing general chaos in your life that was just starting to go well? If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Oakville to solve your raccoon problem!

Raccoons are one of the worst infestations to have. They are a vector species for rabies which means they have rabies more often than almost any other animal. They are also filled with diseases and parasites that can cause incredible amounts of harm to humans and their pets. 

So how do you get rid of a raccoon in your home or on your property? If they are not breaking in and just coming round for a meal then the solution can be quite easy. Make sure to seal your garbage in a locked container and store it in your garage with a door that meets the ground or else the whole thing would be pointless. Don’t leave any leftovers outside and never feed pets outside as food falls out of their mouths and leaves meals for wildlife like raccoons and squirrels. 

You can also get your home excluded, which is a process of sealing possible entry points that a raccoon can enter and cause problems. 

Raccoons are warm blooded animals. This gives us technologically advanced humans, a very special ability in tracking them. Raccoons can be picked up, even behind a wall by infrared technology. This technology can be used to find raccoons hiding just about anywhere, in walls, in the attic or basement and even on your property. It is a necessity when finding raccoons that have invaded your home or property and can save you thousands in repairs and renovation after an old fashioned raccoon removal. Don’t take a risk, get the professional at Raccoon Control! We know our stuff.