How do I Get Rid of a Raccoon Latrine

How do I Get Rid of a Raccoon Latrine

It’s one thing to get rid of a raccoon latrine, and another thing entirely to get rid of the raccoon. Let’s focus on the prior. Raccoons are relatively intelligent creatures. They know their poop is dangerous so they find a place to do their business and then vacate the area quickly.

If you find a latrine it’s likely the raccoon is still using it. The amount of poop in the latrine tells you long its been going on. Now once you clean out the poop you can wrap chicken wire around the area like a sphere and clip to the ground very well or dig a trench and bury it a few inches to afoot. Call us for professional raccoon poop removal.

As for cleaning out the poop, if you plan on doing it yourself you will need a respirator, rubber boots, medical gloves to protect you from the many illnesses you can get from the poop. Then you need garbage bags, make sure to double-bag the poop, you don’t want it dripping. Once it been cleaned you then need to get some serious sanitation going, bleach is only the beginning.

The latrine is likely to contain diseases and parasites like roundworms that are very dangerous. If you do not wear the above gear you will be guaranteed get sick from cleaning up the poop.

It is very important not to stir anything up, don’t be rough because dust will rise from the old poop with spores of roundworm. Use a sturdy shovel, not plastic and make sure to double-bag all the garbage and store it in locked containers to prevent raccoons from tearing the bags up.

If it’s in the soil you will have to dig up a few feet of the soil because it is infected with diseases from the poop. And when you are done you should get rid of the shovel because it will have roundworm eggs on it and there is no easy way to clean them off without infecting yourself.