Raccoon Baby Season - Do You Have A Litter of Raccoons In Your Attic?

Raccoon Baby Season – Do You Have A Litter of Raccoons In Your Attic?

Urban wildlife looks forward to springtime just as much as us humans.  Like us, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and the like area able to spend more time outside as weather improves and not in shelters  enduring cold temperatures.   Like humans, animals also have a biological imperative to reproduce as warmer weather hits.  Unfortunately, this can make the process of wildlife removal much more difficult.

Most wildlife will typically begin having there litters around the end of winter.  The size of litters typically depends on the animal in questions.  Raccoons for instance will produce two to five babies or “kits”, whereas squirrels can have upwards of nine.  These newborns are typically quite helpless after birth and remain so for some time.  Raccoon kits for example are born blind and deaf, and are cared for by their mothers after birth for several months.  Mothers are extremely protective of their children and are very defensive when they feel their offspring are threatened.  As a result this makes wildlife removal during baby season problematic to say the least.

If an animal has broken into your home, the process of having them removed involves placing a one way door over the point of entry where the animal has entered.  This allows the animal to exit through that the door but not reenter, and as they must leave to find food and water it is very effective.  Unfortunately however as helpless newborns become trapped inside the house, this becomes problematic for several reasons.  As the babies cannot fend for themselves, they can often starve to death as there is no available food source.  More importantly for home owners,  mothers who no longer have access become extremely agitated and will attempt to gain entry into the house through whatever means are available.

As this inevitably leads to more property damage, it is important for wildlife technicians to perform a proper attic inspection to find and retrieve newborns.  Technicians must take the time to conduct a thorough search for any babies that may be inside the attic after the one way door has been installed.  Raccoon babies can often be found from chirping sound they make, however newborns of any species must be removed to ensure their safety and to minimize further injury to the home.  They should be placed outside the property by the one way door that was installed.  This will ensure that when the mother leaves through the door she can easily find the babies and take them away.  This way customer can rest a little easier knowing the family has been reunited and are no longer going to be a nuisance on the property.

In the case that you come across orphaned raccoon babies you can contact the Toronto Wildlife Centre. If the raccoons or raccoon babies are in your attic, give us a call. We can remove the animals and wildlife proof your home. For raccoon removal in Toronto call: 647-557-7932