Raccoon in Chimney - Removing a Raccoon From Your Chimney

Raccoon in Chimney – Removing a Raccoon From Your Chimney

Raccoon in Chimney. Raccoons often find shelter in un-capped chimneys. They like because they are safe and they resemble hollow trees which they are used to live in in the wild. Raccoons may look cute and cuddly but are sure annoying when they encroach upon your space and sometimes, make life a living hell. One major problem that homeowners often face in areas infested with a strong raccoon population is the tendency of these creatures to crawl into the chimney in the house and make themselves at home.

So why do raccoons love chimneys so much?

Well, for starters, we all know that raccoons are wild animals, and have made it a habit to enter human habitat only because it’s easier for them to find food here. Whether it is open garbage bins or even food meant for pets, these as well as several other sources of food are almost always readily available on a property occupied by human beings.

So how do chimneys fit into this equation?

Raccoons associate chimneys with the hollow spaces in trees, a favorite living space for these mammals when they are in the wild. Of course, thanks to the decrease in forest cover as well as the raccoon’s own decision to move in with humans (for food, of course), hollow trees aren’t really available in abundance. Therefore, chimneys turn out to be the next best bet.

So is a chimney really safe for these creatures? Well, raccoons happen to be excellent climbers so making their way up and down the chimney pipe really isn’t a hassle for them.

Raccoons are known to make use of chimneys as living spaces only when they wish to give birth or find safe spaces for their young ones, so you can expect a little family of raccoons at times.

Now, the one thing to remember here is that in spite of all the tips you may across, in this case, finding a raccoon removal professional is your safest bet. Call: 647-557-7932