Some Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Some Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Most people know raccoons, also popularly known as coons, for being the largest mammals of the procyonid family. But little do they know that raccoons have tons of fascinating things that are quite interesting to know.

Here are some interesting facts about raccoons that you will love reading especially if you are interested in knowing more about this medium-sized nocturnal mammals that are native to North America.

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1. Raccoons have a very short life span

The average life span of a coon is 2 to 3 years, something that experts attribute to accidents caused by cars and hunting. While some raccoons can live for several years in wild, their average life span is much longer when they are in captivity than in wild.

2. Raccoons have a bandit-like facial mask

This is arguably the most interesting fact about these animals, and which makes it quite easy to identify them. They are mostly known for their mask-like black markings around their eyes. They also have ring markings on their tails as well.

3. Raccoons are highly intelligent

The incredibly high IQ level of these animals is also among the most fascinating facts about them, and which most people out there are ignorant about. According to research conducted by experts in North America, these mammals score remarkably high in mammal IQ level tests. They are actually more intelligent than dogs and cats. They have great skills of opening closed doors and locks. In recent study conducted by experts in the US, raccoons were able to open up to 11 locks out of the 13 locks that were used in the study. Raccoons can also memorize the combination, something that implies that these animals are intelligent enough to clearly understand the sophisticated mechanism of door locks. In addition, they have amazing and fast learning skills, which enable them to differentiate between different symbols.

4. Their front paws are quite useful

The front paws of coons are quite similar to human hands. In fact, they have 5 fingers just like humans. They can use their hands to catch fish from water with a lightening quick speed. They can easily untie shoe laces, snatch something from your hands and pick your pocket in case you aren’t alert.

5. They only give birth once in a year

Female raccoons give birth once in a year after a gestation period of 63 days. They normally give birth to about 1 to 7 babies. After birth, mothers cares for their babies very strictly to the extent that even their fathers aren’t allowed to get near them.

These are just a few interesting facts about raccoons. There are other interesting facts about these animals that you can research on if you are still interested in learning more about them.