Squirrel and Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder small

Squirrel and Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are lovely additions to any yard. They provide nourishment for birds in the surrounding area and add decorative appeal to lawns and gardens. These structures can also provide much-needed nourishment to foraging squirrels and raccoons, usually leaving bird feed and sometimes the feeder itself ransacked after they have had their fill. Call our professional raccoon proofing services in Trotono.

To avoid this mess, there are proofing practices available for bird feeders. A raccoon specialist can easily proof a bird feeder, which is one of the primary attractants for both raccoons and squirrels within residential yards. A specialist will typically install a raccoon baffle to the pole portion of a bird feeder. This wire mesh contraption will prevent raccoons from being able to climb up the pole to reach the food and water at the top.

If squirrels are causing issues, you can alternatively opt for a squirrel baffle which is the same concept, just on a smaller scale. Since raccoons are problematic for homeowners in Ontario, the best option to choose would be a raccoon baffle. This larger baffle can actually serve as both a raccoon and squirrel barrier. Simply choosing to install a squirrel baffle will not be enough to prevent raccoons from mounting the pole.

A raccoon specialist will typically recommend investing in a baffle for the larger of the two animals since the wire mesh will be discomforting to both animals. If baffles are not desired, a specialist can also use some alternative methods to prevent raccoons from knocking over the feed and water. If your feeders are suspended on hooks, a specialist may choose to apply special clips over the ends of the hooks which prevent raccoons from being able to bump or snatch the feeder off the hook; however, this is not always a viable method for the smaller and more nimble squirrel.