Do Raccoons Have Fleas

What Do You Do If a Raccoon Bites Your Cat?

Our pets are some of our most prized family members. Although we go to great lengths to protect our pets, there are still dangers that pets face much more than humans would. That is why it is advisable to contact a raccoon removal service in Markham Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets. Cats are great indoor companions, but the animals will also want to pursue their wilder nature from time to time, usually outdoors. Within Canada, rabid raccoons are still a dangerous threat to both humans and their pets, even though the number of raccoons with rabies is dwindling. Cats can be great defenders against wild invaders, particularly rodents, but cats will also confront larger animals such as raccoons. The problem that can arise from this is the easy transmission of rabies from the raccoon to the cat. Ensure that your property is frequently monitored for raccoon activity and have a removal specialist immediately remove any sighted raccoons for the protection of your pets.


If a cat encounters a raccoon, there is a large probability that the cat will attack the raccoon which will lead to a fight between the two animals. If your cat gets into a fight with a raccoon or sustains a bite or scratch from the raccoon, immediately take your cat to a veterinarian to be treated and tested for rabies. It is crucially important not to attempt to treat the cat’s wounds on your own. This can cause you to also potentially catch rabies due to the cat’s wounds. A veterinarian will take steps to ensure that the cat cannot transmit rabies because cats can be particularly aggressive when being treated for injuries or illnesses. A vet can also administer vaccines to try and destroy the disease. Although the prognosis is usually grim, at least an attempt can be made to try and save the cat.


Not all raccoons are going to have rabies, but even if a cat sustains a bite or scratch from a rabid raccoon, it is crucial to seek medical help immediately to rule out a disease that can be fatal to both pets and humans alike. Most bites or scratches can be treated, and the cat can heal over time. Due to the severity of rabies and the high propensity for raccoons to be vectors of the disease, precautions must be taken immediately to prevent future catastrophes. Hopefully, the raccoon in question is not carrying rabies.


It is important to prevent raccoons from invading your property. Pets are much more prone to encounter raccoons than humans and it can be a matter of life and death if the raccoon has rabies when they attack a pet. Removal specialists have special equipment and precautions that allow them to remove rabid raccoons safely from homes. When raccoons are on your property, it would also help to keep your cat indoors overnight for a while, which is when raccoons are active. Immediately consult a veterinarian if a cat is bitten by a raccoon.