Which Animal is More Dangerous, Possums or Raccoons?

Possums and raccoons are two types of wild, small mammals that can carry some potentially deadly illnesses that can be transmitted to humans. It is essential to contact a raccoon removal control service in Brampton. Both animals are an example of a pest due to their affinity for ransacking trash cans, destroying property, and scavenging for food. Not to mention the accumulation of each animals waste on porches and in yards–which can also be quite dangerous. Both animals can carry rabies, raccoons more so than possums, and both animals can attack when they feel threatened. There are some differences between the two animals when it comes to a question of which is more dangerous. As far as possible threats to humans, both animals should be removed by professionals to avoid any potential dangers to humans.


When it comes to figuring out which of these animals is the most dangerous, the answer is raccoons. Possums can carry the same types of diseases as raccoons, but these animals are far more docile and solitary than the bolder behaviors seen in raccoons. Possums will go to great lengths to avoid potentially harmful confrontations. Possums are wholly nocturnal and choose to scavenge in the dead of night to limit the possibility of being discovered by predators or humans. Additionally, the term “playing possum” bears a great deal of fact in possum behavior. These animals are known to drop and suspend breathing to convince a potential predator that they are in fact dead. This is a common defense mechanism utilized by possums and it usually works to great effect.


This isn’t to say that possums are not dangerous when the situation calls for it. The animals will attack humans if they are cornered or feel threatened in any type of way. Possums will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation, yet the animals can scratch and bite if they need to. This is very similar to raccoon defenses mechanism, yet the possum will go to greater lengths than a raccoon to avoid confrontation. Raccoons are a bit more aggressive than possums. Unlike possums, raccoons can be quite savage at the slightest threat or infringement upon their personal space. A raccoon will not attempt to play dead and will attack in a sometimes-vicious manner. Both animals carry the same set of potential dangers regarding disease, but the raccoon is a bit more dangerous than the more passive behavior of the possum.


Both animals pose danger to humans, yet the raccoon can be a bit more of a formidable enemy than the more docile possum. Possums go to great lengths to avoid being detected, whereas raccoons will usually have no problem in going about their business out in the open. Neither of these animals should be taken lightly if you encounter one. Never attempt to scare off a possum or raccoon, as this will only cause the animal to feel threatened and lash out. The raccoon is a bit more dangerous than the possum when comparing the two animals together.