Why Is A Raccoon Out During The Day

Even though raccoons are nocturnal animals, it is quite a normal occurrence to see them out during the day. Caution should be practiced when you see raccoons wandering erratically and or disoriented. Raccoons may let out high pitch screams and discharge foam from their mouth. This may be a sign of a rabid raccoon might be highly unpredictable. If you recognize any signs stay calm and keep children and pets out of reach.

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As mentioned before, raccoons have a whole lot of diseases that they can easily pass on through direct or indirect contact. Make sure not to come too close to them. It is better to avoid them altogether as their salvia can even cause people to fall ill. Feces and urine are the main source of bacteria and should be taken care of immediately. Raccoon poop is quite similar in appearance to dog poop, but the main distinguishing factor is that raccoon poop has remnants of undigested seeds, berries, and other foods that are a part of its diet. Raccoons may make latrines in your garden which might be a dangerous source of bacterial infection make sure to contact your local wildlife service to have this cleaned up and disinfected properly. Children are highly at risk of contracting diseases through the feces or urine as they sometimes like to put dirt in their mouths. Another disease that humans risk contracting is Leptospirosis which occurs in raccoons, skunks, opossums, Norway rats, mice, and white-tailed deer.

Humans may be infected by encountering infected urine. It is best that you do not have any physical contact indirectly or directly when you come across these animals. It is best to avoid any confrontation. it is quite normal to spot a healthy raccoon during the daytime, but it is a highly unusual occurrence when a raccoon is aggressive towards a person. One of the reasons that a raccoon might be aggressive is that her nest is nearby and that she is defending her young from intrusion also it is very rare that a raccoon will be chasing a human. if you see a raccoon that looks disoriented or ill and engages in unnecessary provocation it might be rabid or infected with canine distemper or feline parvovirus.

Raccoons may very well be present in your attic and or any other abandoned structure on your property. It is because the raccoon, in its natural habitat stays in the hollows of trees or in the hollows of severed trees where they can stay put and snug all day. The raccoon for the biggest part of the day, stay inactive until night falls. This is where the raccoon antics are on full display. Raccoons in urban areas may tip over garbage bins to get their meal of the day, tear open garbage bag, or expertly twist and turn jars to get what they want. If there is a koi-pond or any other kind of water body present with fish in it, the raccoon may turn to its natural instincts and use its heightened senses to catch fish.

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