Why Raccoons Are A Danger For Your Pets

Why Raccoons Are A Danger For Your Pets

Raccoons are pests, and they serve as a threat to the overall safety of your household, especially your pets. It is imperative that you keep your property free of these threats. Here are four reasons why raccoons are a danger for your pets.

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They Steal Your Pets’ Food

Raccoons steal the food from your animals that are fed outside. In the event that they do find food, they will continue to come back onto your property. To prevent this, avoid feeding your pets outdoors. If it cannot be helped, make sure to bring in any leftover food to avoid attracting raccoons.

They Attack Your Pets

If your pets stay outdoors, there is a chance that they will be attacked by a raccoon. While cats normally do not attack first, they may chase raccoons away from their food, provoking an attack. They also attack dogs, sometimes for no reason at all. Raccoons will try to scratch the eyes out of your pet, rolling the pet onto their back and attempt to eviscerate it. Their bites and scratches can cause both internal and external damage that can mortally wound your pets and lead to organ failure. In some areas, raccoons will even attempt to drown your pets.

They Kill Your Smaller Pets

While raccoons pose the threat of being able to kill all your animals, larger ones like dogs and cats can fight back. The same cannot be said for smaller animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and chickens, as well as puppies and kittens. Hungry raccoons can kill these animals without a second thought. In order to prevent the death of your pets at the hands of raccoons, keep smaller animals inside at all cost.

They Spread Disease

Ultimately, the worst threat that comes from raccoons is that they spread disease. They are carriers of rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, roundworm, and other diseases that can compromise your pets’ health and safety. These diseases can be passed through their feces and urine, thus easily inhaled by your pets. Other times, they can spread disease through their saliva, which is bound to happen if they are stealing food from your pets, or if they had attacked any of them.

Raccoons are dangerous. They bring about trouble for you, your household, and the pets that you take care of. In the event of a raccoon invasion, call professional raccoon handlers to remove these pests from your property for the sake of the safety of your whole family, especially your pets.