Raccoon Season in Ontario

Are Rabid Raccoons Aggressive

Raccoons are mammals that are easily identified by the bandit mask print over their eyes. Their hind legs are long which makes them look hunched when they walk. They are very shy and will naturally retreat if they see a human but as their habitat encroaches upon they are getting more comfortable with the presence of humans in their new urban habitat. Call us for fast and reliable raccoon removal services in Toronto.

Even if a raccoon looks friendly it’s not, its probably pretending to be cute so it can attack you and steal your wallet. If you try to feed a raccoon they will take the food out of your hand but they may also try to scratch or bite you think there is more.

It’s also important to understand that raccoons are primary rabies carriers so if you go up to a raccoon there is no telling until the late stages of the disease whether it is actually rabid. If it is it will attack you and possibly give you rabies.

Obviously seeing a raccoon out in the day is a possible sign of it being rabid but it can also just be foraging for food, or taking a nice stroll. Either way, the raccoon won’t attack if you don’t approach it, they will hiss at you and arch their back but they won’t approach you because you are like 50 times their size.

Signs a raccoon is rabid: The raccoon looks sick, like very sick. It will be foaming at the mouth, they will make strange noises and walk in circles, they look slow and disoriented and general just unaware and inactive. It also falls over a lot.

If you come in contact with a raccoon who is acting like this you need to get to your doctor asap and if the raccoon is on your property you need to call Raccoon control to deal with it. We can get that raccoon off your property safely and humanely.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon control today.