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Raccoons are responsible for year-round property damage and disturbances across the city of Toronto. To remove them, our raccoon control experts use all necessary means, including one-way doors, live traps, and snare poles. We then seal all entry points to ensure that you are never disturbed by raccoons again. We provide humane wildlife removal services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, removing animals from attics, decks, and more. Call us now for safe, affordable, and reliable raccoon removal services: 647-557-7932.

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Raccoon Vent Damage
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One-Way Door
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Raccoon Damage - Roof Edge
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Raccoon Exclusion

Guaranteed Service

Warranty 2 years

All our raccoon exclusion work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If a raccoon breaks through our work within two years, we will return at no additional cost.

Disinfection Services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection
Wildlife removal with thermal imaging
Thermal Image of Raccoon in Attic

Raccoon Inspection with
Thermal Cameras

The technicians at Raccoon Control have the best technology at their disposal so they can do their work as efficiently as possible. Thermal imaging allows us to see objects that are not possible to detect with the naked eye. With the thermal imaging camera, our technicians can spot raccoons with little effort thanks to the infrared radiation that the animals release. With this, we can find raccoons that are well-hidden behind walls and ceilings, speeding up the inspection process and providing a more efficient removal.



Fully licensed and insured raccoon removal Toronto professionals. We are committed to humane raccoon removal, exclusion and trapping methods.


We are available 24/7 to deal with any raccoon problems you might have. Call us to book a full wildlife inspection. If lines are busy, just leave a quick message and we will get back to you within minutes.



Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We price the removal, and animal proofing services separately. There are no hidden fees. Our rates are straight forward. No surprises!


We have several professional crews and can accommodate same day or next day service. It is easy to book an appointment. You can call any time to book for a time and day that works for you!



Our raccoon removal services are guaranteed and are backed by a 2 year warranty. If our work gets compromised we return at no additional cost.


The first step of the raccoon removal process is to inspect the infested area to find entry points and to determine the presence of baby raccoons. The technician on site will examine the home closely, using a process of elimination to find the animals. Once found, a one-way door will be installed to the entrance of the den. The door swings outward to allow the animals out but prevents their re-entry. If there are babies present, the technician will carefully remove them by hand and place them in a warm box, just outside the den for the mother to collect them. This does not harm the animals.

Raccoons usually leave their dens within a few days after the installation of the one-way door. Once evicted, we will return to the property and replace the door with galvanized steel mesh, a material that cannot be chewed nor torn apart by wildlife. Additional exclusion is nearly always recommended to ensure that the animals do not return from another point of entry. We can protect all vulnerable areas of concern and provide cleaning services for an additional cost.

In some cases, trapping and snaring may be necessary. However, we do not harm the animals in the process. Our technicians only use safe and humane techniques to remove problem raccoons. We take extra care to ensure that all raccoons are removed without harm.

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raccoon vent damage toronto
Raccoon Vent Damage
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Live Raccoon Capture
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Raccoon Under Deck Exclusion
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Raccoon Chimney Removal

Raccoon Proofing

We install custom-made, animal-proof vent covers to keep the animals out. Most attics are ventilated through plastic or light aluminum vent covers, which, unfortunately, are no match for raccoons and squirrels as they can easily chew through or break these covers to gain access. We fabricate our own galvanized steel covers that have been rubberized to withstand the elements and the test of time.

We offer complete raccoon-proofing solutions in addition to inspection and removal. Our wildlife-proofing services come with a 2-year warranty and include the protection of the following areas:

  • Roof Vents
  • Soffits
  • Roof Edges
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Wall Vents
  • Decks
  • Sheds
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Common signs of a Raccoon Problem

Raccoons commonly seek shelter in attics, decks, basements, and garages. They find the warmth of human homes attractive, and they can smell the food that is kept indoors. To get inside, they will exploit any weaknesses they find on the exterior, such as a gap in the roof’s edge or space under the porch. Raccoon activity spikes in the spring when they raise their young and again in the fall when temperatures drop.

If there are raccoons on your property, you may hear them squeaking, scratching, and rustling at night. These sounds are easily distinguishable from other wild animals because of their size, weight, and nocturnal behaviour. While squirrels scurry around during the day, raccoons make stomping sounds at night, almost like a human walking or dragging their feet.  

Raccoon damage is also more extensive than is expected from a small animal. You may notice damaged shingles, drywall, flooring, or wooden support beams. You may also notice major damage to HVAC components, wiring and insulation.

Another sign of a raccoon infestation is the presence of large droppings left in piles, called latrines. Raccoon droppings have a strong, unpleasant odour and appear dark brown, usually between 2 to 3 inches long and half an inch in diameter.

If you suspect some raccoon activity on your property, call us and a technician will be there soon for a thorough inspection. We can identify the pest that is giving you trouble and remove it quickly. No matter the situation, our technicians always perform detailed inspections to find where the animals are coming from as well as potential entry points that wildlife could use in the future.



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Warranty 2 years


If raccoons have made your home their home, call us for immediate removal in Toronto

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One of the main reasons why raccoons are such a problem for Toronto homeowners is the incessant damage they inflict property. You may have heard that you can wait for the raccoons to leave on their own before sealing their entryways, but this may not always be possible because of the damage they are causing.

Common Raccoon Damage

Yard Damage

Raccoons will make a mess of what was a beautiful yard. They tip over garbage cans, rip bags of garbage open, defecate in swimming pools, eat the fish in decorative ponds, and dig holes. Raccoons may even destroy bird feeders, flatten flowerbeds, and spread compost in the yard. The sooner you evict them, the better.

Structural and Fixture Damage

Raccoons infesting the attic will rip apart the insulation and damage the roof, increasing your energy bills and exposing the attic to more pests. Raccoons have also been known to chew wires, damage ventilation systems, and make holes in the ceiling.

Feces and Urine

Raccoon urine and feces are a serious health concern because they contain pathogens and parasites that can be fatal to humans. Their odours can also be intolerable, spreading to the rest of the house through its HVAC system. It is best to evict these animals as soon as you are aware of their presence in the home.

Why You Should Hire a Raccoon Removal Professional

Evicting raccoons safely and humanely is a multi-step process in which only a wildlife removal expert can guarantee positive results. While the process is straightforward, it is not easy. Most DIY attempts fail because homeowners do not have the training and experience necessary for a successful outcome. Professionals have a deep understanding of raccoon behaviour and know what to look for when excluding a given property. They also understand the risks involved and are prepared to respond. Snaring and trapping raccoons can be dangerous. Accessing the roof also has its risks; our technicians are thoroughly trained to inspect the exterior of any home and only use professional safety gear.

Raccoon removal professionals can not only evict the animals invading your property effectively but clean, disinfect, and repair the infested area once they are gone. Raccoon feces and urine carry disease and contain pheromones that may attract other wildlife to the empty den. Cleaning and disinfecting is all part of the removal process but is difficult to do safely without proper training, chemicals and equipment. The technicians at Raccoon Control can provide you with professional-grade disinfection and deodorization services.

Raccoons in the home often means that there are raccoon babies present, especially around breeding season. Accidentally separating a mother from her cubs leaves them to die of dehydration and starvation. This is inhumane, and you will have to track their corpses hidden away in those hard-to-reach areas of the home. Call a professional raccoon removal company to get rid of the animals safely, humanely, and permanently. The service also includes cleaning and disinfecting the den, repairing damage, and wildlife-proofing the house to prevent a future invasion.


Warranty 2 years


If raccoons have made your home their home, call us for immediate removal in Toronto

Raccoons in Toronto

Raccoons have adapted very well to urban settings like Toronto. They can be found in city outskirts as well as in the downtown core. The working range of the raccoon in an urban setting can be several city blocks. These are smart, resourceful animals that survive on garbage and the foods we grow in our gardens. While Toronto is a big city, it still provides raccoons with plenty of green spaces and neighbourhoods for the animals to find food and shelter.

Most raccoons hide in dark, quiet areas close to food. These include hollow trees, attics, sheds, garages, chimneys, woodpiles, and decks. Raccoons frequently break into houses by tearing the roof apart and pushing up on the soffits. Invasions in Toronto happen year-round but are especially common in the winter and spring when females need a place to raise their cubs. If there are raccoons on your property and you need help, call Raccoon Control for a quick removal and exclusion that lasts: 647-557-7932.

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Warranty 2 years


If raccoons have made your home their home, call us for immediate removal in Toronto

Wildlife Removal Toronto

Raccoon Control offers comprehensive wildlife removal services you can count on. We safely and humanely remove raccoons, skunks, birds, and all sorts of wildlife. Should you hire us, we will carefully inspect your property and implement a pest removal solution that is guaranteed to last.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to the careful and humane removal of wildlife throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We have made it our priority to remove them from residential and commercial properties quickly and efficiently. Our team of wildlife removal experts have built an extensive track record of successful cases in the years that we have been active.

Unlike other wildlife removal services, we focus on the permanent exclusion of the animals. We will never harm animals in the exclusion process. Instead, we rely on our proven methodology in which we use a one-way door, allowing the animals to leave the property, then sealing all possible entry-points to avoid re-entry.

Raccoon Control can deal with any wildlife issue. We are a full-service pest control company in Toronto providing humane wildlife removal and wildlife control solutions. Proper animal removal is essential as raccoons can be very destructive, and a small family of raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your property. We can remove the pests on your property, clean up after them, and prevent their re-entry with our guaranteed exclusion. Call Raccoon Control today for humane and effective removal: 647-557-7932.

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