Are Raccoons dangerous to your pets?

Concerned homeowners often wonder if the Raccoons which may have infiltrated their attic, garage, crawl space or property in general pose any danger to their pets. The answer is yes.

Raccoons are well known for carrying Rabies, a deadly virus which can infect all mammals. Raccoons and other animals with Rabies can often be seen in broad daylight with white foam leaking from their mouths, sometimes walking in circles or walking through areas with high amounts of human traffic that is why it is advisable to contact a raccoon removal service  in Toronto immediately! Raccoon feces, especially when dry, can spread the eggs of Round Worm into the air, and if breathed in by humans or other animals, the parasite will spread. Roundworm can cause muscle weakness, fatigue and blindness if not treated early. Leptospirosis is a bacteria which can be found also in the urine and feces of Raccoons, which can cause severe liver damage to humans an animals as well.

Raccoons can pose a great deal of danger to your pets and your family, and the best way to prevent this if they are inhabiting any part of your property is to avoid them. If Raccoons are in your attic, make sure that your attic hatch is shut and sealed off properly to prevent them from entering into the house. If you happen to notice large piles of feces or urine anywhere on your property, make sure that everyone in your house is aware of this area and make sure that they avoid it, and make sure you call Wildlife Shield to have all of your problems solved!

Equipped with all of the proper removal, exclusion and safety gear, our technicians will be on the scene to inspect your property and remove raccoons in a humane and efficient manner, as well as repair any damage done by the animals and take preventative actions to ensure the problem never arises again. Any danger posed to you, your family or your pets will be eliminated, guaranteed. You and your pets are safe with us!