Attic Cleaning After Raccoons Have Been In There

Attic Cleaning After Raccoons Have Been In There

You have finally ridden yourself of the raccoon settlement that was in your attic, and nothing can take away the grin on your face. But, it’s not yet time to celebrate. Well, you see raccoons tend to leave behind quite a mess since they will create latrines at various places within your attic. And, raccoon feces are well-known to host roundworms and roundworm eggs which are hazardous to you and your family’s health.

As such, doing a thorough attic cleanup also called attic restoration after a raccoon invasion is crucial.

Assess Extent of Pollution Done

Typically, the amount of damage done by raccoons will depend on the length of time they had stayed in the attic before you removed them. Apparently, it’s vital to assess the level of destruction done by the uninvited guests to determine whether you’ll have a professional do your cleanup and repairs or if you’ll go it yourself. Besides, this will help you determine where the raccoon’s latrine may be.

Attic Cleaning

So you’ve determined that you can do the attic restoration yourself. Per se, below are a few recommendations for going it safely;

Protection: Safety comes first. So, secure yourself before starting any cleaning by wearing disposable gloves and rubber boots. Also, remember to wear a respirator or particle mask available in your local hardware stores to avoid breathing in dust particles.

Mist the attic: Simply mist the area to be cleaned using a spray bottle to prevent dust from rising. Besides, misting also prevents dry dropping particles from becoming airborne.

Remove droppings: Now, you can scoop the feces using a shovel and place the content in an empty plastic bag and seal it. Remember to carefully carry the plastic bag outside to avoid contamination in your house. You can now burn, bury, or dispose of the bag in the garbage to await collection.

Wipe: Similarly, after scooping, you can dab areas that had been affected by poop using a sponge rinsed in hot, soapy water. When you are done, ensure you flush the water down the toilet.

Disinfect: Besides, remember to sanitize your shovel, bucket, and boots. You can use boiling or hot soapy water for this. Remember to safely dispose of gloves and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water.

Wash clothing. Finally, using warm water and detergent, rinse your clothing thoroughly.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

Essentially, hiring an expert to clean your attic is safer, and you can be sure that your attic will be thoroughly sanitized, and fully repaired of any damages done by raccoons. Besides, qualified and bona fide cleaners use special equipment perfect for the job such as industrial gas powered vacuum.

Final Thought

Well with these simple steps of cleaning your attic after raccoons have been there, you can rest assured that it’s now fully restored. Remember, if you decide to go for a pro to clean your attic, check all documentation of the company you are about to hire to make sure they are qualified and genuine.