Raccoon In Attic - What To Do When Raccoons Break Into Your Attic

Raccoon In Attic – What To Do When Raccoons Break Into Your Attic

Raccoon in Attic? If you hear loud noises coming from your attic chances are that an animal has broken in.  They are talented and well adapted animals that look for safe and warm places to spend their days. Attics can be very appealing especially in the late winter early spring months. this is the time of year that female raccoons are searching for a space to have their babies.

Though their weight may vary from eight to twenty pounds, raccoon species have black markings around the eyes with light dark fur to increase their night vision capacity. They also have a bushy tail and very sensitive paws. Male and female raccoons share living spaces and they are adapted to life near cities. The creatures like locations with vertical climbing surfaces. They are also well known for scavenging human garbage, insects, fruits, nuts, amphibians and berries.

How to get rid of raccoons in the Attic

One Way Door Installation

The most effective way to remove raccoons from your attic is to find the entry point and place a one way door. The animals will use the door to exit but will not be able to re-enter. Once the animals are out, remove the door and seal things up permanently. One way door installation is best left to the professionals as raccoon removal can be a complicated endeavour.


Buy large cage traps, designed for the raccoon size. They measure approximately 10x12x30. Set them in areas where raccoon activity in rampant and use marshmallows or cat food as bait. Ensure the traps are scent free, set in a shade and flush to the ground.  You can always install an exclusion barrier –steel mesh around the perimeter in case you have these creatures living under a shade, deck or other structure. Keep in mind that there are many local bylaws with regards to trapping and relocating wildlife.

Using Repellents

Repellents are purchased in garden stores. They are sprinkle in the attic or on your lawn and their odor keeps these animals away. Ammonia and moth balls are the most recommended items. They work best in the attic and crawlspaces. However, these may be dangerous to pets or children if swallowed. Granular repellents are also effective on flat surfaces because granules last longer than liquids. Electronic repellents are effective if you want to frighten these pests with bursts of water or emitting ultrasonic sounds. They are eco-friendly and have little maintenance costs. Cayenne pepper is another home remedy for these pesky rodents.

Using Light

Place bright light in the attic. Moreover, bringing in flashing lights and motion activated devices will keep the animals away from your attic. Heighten your success by placing rugs soaked in dog urine or Ropel in the attic. Place bags of moth balls and naphtha near the attic as this strong odor will gradually send them discourage them from your premises.

Professional Raccoon Removal

Professionals like us generally follow strict guidelines when performing raccoon removal

– Find out how they are getting inside the house.

– Find baby raccoons in the attic. Remove them outside using your hands in thick gloves.

– Place a one way door

-Return when the raccoon mother is out and remove raccoon feces from the attic and repair the entry point.

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