Raccoon Poop Removal​ and Cleaning

Backyard Raccoon Latrines and Why You Should Remove Them

Raccoon latrines are one of the most dangerous things you can find on your property. You, your pets and your children are all put in danger by its presence. They are sess pits of disease and contain illnesses like:

If you find a latrine that smells truly foul, it’s likely the raccoon is still using it. The amount of poop in the latrine tells you long its been going on. Now once you clean out the poop you can wrap chicken wire around the area like a sphere and clip to the ground very well or dig a trench and bury it a few inches to afoot.

so cleanup is important and it should be done as soon as possible. Call professional raccoon feces removal for fast solutions.

You will need a lot of tools for cleaning out the poop, you will need a respirator, rubber boots, medical gloves to protect you from the many illnesses you can get from the poop. Then you need garbage bags, make sure to double-bag the poop, you don’t want it dripping. Once it been cleaned you then need to get some serious sanitation going, bleach is only the beginning.

The bags must be stored in locked garbage containers to make sure raccoons don’t get at it and it’s very important that you sterilize the area by digging up a few feet of the soil under the latrine.

It’s a lot of work and it could be done by a professional raccoon removal Markham. At Raccoon control, we have all the tools needed to remove a raccoon latrine. We have safe, eco-friendly, hospital-grade cleaners and tools that can help expedite the process and ensure the area is completely safe, and smell free.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Control today.