Will Raccoons Attack Dogs or Other Pets

Will Raccoons Attack Dogs or Other Pets

Will Raccoons Attack Dogs or other pets? It is rare but can happen. To some people, raccoons are lovable but mischievous creatures that bring into suburban areas a bit of wild. To others, they are murderous vandals posing a serious risk to the safety and health of their pets. So can raccoons attack pets? There is no doubt that this question is becoming increasingly important, given that raccoons are more often coming into contact with humans and their pets.

Sometimes, raccoons get into scraps with cats. They can also occasionally prey on small animals that are housed outside, like chickens and rabbits. In case no other food is available, raccoons can even prey on small cats and kittens. During other times, however, they can be observed eating side-by-side with cats if fed outdoors. The most common instance when raccoons come into contract with pets is when the pets are fed outside. We see these cases in many calls.

It is unlikely that healthy raccoons will get into a fight with a dog, although sometimes dogs chase them. Injured or sick raccoons, orphaned baby raccoons and mothers nursing their young ones are most vulnerable to dog attacks. If attacked by a dog, a raccoon can fight back in order to defend itself. This can result in both the raccoon and the dog getting injured.

To reduce the chances of pets coming into contact with raccoons, following several simple rules can help. Cats and pet rabbits should be kept indoors at all times. If dogs and cats are fed outside, it should only be done during the day and remaining food removed immediately. Dogs should not be allowed to roam unleashed and unsupervised.

Raccoon home proofing is also a good idea, particularly through installation of a cat flap. Grown-up raccoons are significantly bigger than cats, meaning that a tiny cat flap will not let in a raccoon. Open windows can be a standing invitation though, and a homeowner should assume raccoons can climb anything.

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