Raccoon Repellent Remedies - Do They Work?

Raccoon Repellent Remedies – Do They Work?

Raccoon Repellent Remedies can be a good way to keep animals away from your house in the first place. Homeowners who begin to notice the presence of raccoons on their property are often initially entranced by these appealing creatures because of their friendly appearance. However, as members of the bear family, raccoons are opportunistic scavengers that can also be dangerous when local populations are not kept in check. Although some homeowners are tempted to try to deal with a raccoon infestation using over-the-counter raccoon repelling remedies, hiring a professional raccoon control is generally the smart way to go.

Reasons for Using a Professional Raccoon Removal Service

Because raccoons are members of the bear family, they have extremely sharp claws that they know how to use, and it is not uncommon for homeowners to become injured when trying to force a raccoon off the property. Also, raccoons aren’t solitary animals, so even if you think you are only dealing with one, its relatives are usually close by. A particularly dangerous scenario is when a mother raccoon is present with her young. Because many humans find raccoons to be attractive and appealing creatures, raccoon populations are frequently allowed to maintain a presence until it becomes impossible to ignore them anymore. By this time, the raccoon population has grown so large that there is usually little alternative than to call in a professional.

Why Raccoon Repellent Doesn’t Work

One of the reasons why raccoon repellents don’t work is that homeowners often use them instead of taking positive steps to reduce conditions on their property that act as wildlife attractants. Even garbage cans with tight lids can attract raccoons, and no amount of repellant is going to keep a raccoon family out of a thriving tasty vegetable garden.

No homeowner should simply allow a raccoon population to go unchecked, and under no circumstances should the animals be fed by household residents. Raccoons have been known to attack, and they also carry a variety of diseases that can be passed on to humans as well as domestic pets.

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