Which Animal is More Dangerous, Possums or Raccoons?

Dangers of Feeding Raccoons

Raccoons are filthy creatures. Do not feed them. They will return to your home for a more and likely break into your garbage and make a mess. Not just that, raccoons are covered in parasites and their saliva is full of viruses and bacteria.

I know, it’s tempting, the raccoons are so cuddly and adorable like an itty bitty teddy bear that wants snuggles. But it’s not. It’s a dangerous animal with sharp claws and teeth and a penchant for having rabies. They are not domesticated and they will freak out and attack you if you get too close.

Raccoons are opportunists. They will always go for the easy way. The easiest way to make a den (your attic) the easiest way to food and water, they don’t like to work very hard is what I’m saying.

Feeding raccoons is actually a very bad idea. You are training them to rely more on humans and to become more vulnerable to threats. They may just start waiting on your property to be fed. If the animal has rabies and harms you seek medical attention immediately.

Even if the animal isn’t rabid it can transfer all kinds of terrible parasites and diseases to you just by touching them.

So if you find a raccoon on your property does not feed it, do not help it forget how to survive in the real world. Stay away from it because it could be rabid, don’t touch it or pet it, because you could die.

And if you fed a raccoon too much and now it’s living in your attic then you should probably call a professional raccoon removal Toronto to come by and get that thing out before it turns your attic into a latrine.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Control today.