Raccoon Season in Ontario

Do Raccoons Hibernate During Harsh Canadian Winters?

Raccoons do in fact hibernate during the winter but not continuously. They take breaks to find more food. Winter is a hard time for a raccoon. If they are in the city its a bit easier but not much. They have to keep finding food because their fall nut storage can only go so far. And finding a warm place to sleep is high up on the list. Most raccoons deal with the winter by building good storage of fat earlier in the year, summer and autumn usually. They get as fat as they can, eating everything they can get their hands on and then use that storage to stay healthy and warm during the winter. But not warm enough sadly. They have the ability to sleep for up to a month without any food, just relying on stored fat.

During the winter they have a diet that becomes much more opportunistic. They eat a lot of acorns and injured birds and small animals like rodents. They can also eat some plants, eggs and insects.

Now here’s the big issue. They need to find a warm place to sleep, store food, and poop all over. Often times, that will end up being your attic. Fall is also the time raccoons mate and has offspring. This is especially bad because those offspring have to be removed before the raccoon can be dealt with.

Raccoons will cause a lot of damage to your house trying to get in, and once they are there they will spread filth as you won’t believe. Which is why you need to call a professional the moment you think you have a wild animal in your home. Don’t put you or your family in danger by trying to do it yourself. Call Raccoon Control to handle all your wildlife needs, from raccoons to skunks and everything in between.

Our technicians can not only remove the feces and the soiled insulation, but we will use commercial grade disinfectants and sterilize the area to prevent any of the toxins in the raccoon poop from infecting your family. By the time we are finished with that poop, it will be a faded memory of a time when your attic once had raccoon poop in it.

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