What Are Good Ways to Stop a Raccoon from Returning Nightly?

Do Raccoons Keep Rats Away?

In the urban setting, the rats primary enemy is humans. While some cultures welcome and preserve rats, they are known to be destructive and can transmit deadly diseases to humans. As such, getting rid of rats in your property is very important. Some of the effective methods you could use to get rid of these pesky rodents include baits, exclusion, traps, and professionally administered techniques. 

Rat Enemies and Predators

Domestic cats have for the longest time been used as a natural method to control rats. While they will not get rid of the problem, they will keep the population in check. Outdoors, rats face a variety of threats. In these kinds of environments, birds of prey such as the falcon, hawk, and owl have been known to prey on them. Owls are experts at hunting rats, because of their nocturnal behavior their activeness during the night gives them an edge when rats go out in search of food. 

Do Raccoons Scare Rats Away?

Raccoons are known to feed on virtually anything they find in their paths. In the woods, they will feast on berries, fish, mollusks, birds, wild fruits, rats and frogs. When in human territory, they will forage through your garbage for leftovers, eat your pet’s food, and garden crops. 

So, can raccoons keep away rats? The answer is yes and no. Rats have a great sense of smell and will avoid wandering in places that are inhibited by raccoons. However, this will not prevent them from invading your home and destroying your property. Rats love to hide in structures, sheds, garage, attic, and storerooms. Raccoons, on the other hand, will only invade these areas during nesting, and winter seasons. As long as their paths don’t meet, both raccoons and rats will thrive in your property. It is also important to note that raccoons do not enjoy feeding on rats or mice, they will only do it if they lack an alternative food source. 

A Raccoon Attacks a Rat

Can I Introduce Raccoons to Solve my Rat Problem?

No. Raccoons will first look for alternative food sources in your property before preying on rats. During this period, they will cause a lot of destruction and are a potential health hazard. And while raccoons and rats feed at the same time, they don’t possibly look for food in the same places. Introducing raccoons in your property will keep off the rats outside, but it won’t prevent them from causing mayhem to your inner walls, attic, storerooms, garden shed, and garage. 

How Can I Keep Rats Away?

There are several techniques you could use to keep rats off your property. Some of them include:

  • Baits
  • Live Traps
  • Exclusion
  • Clearing out your structures

Most of these practices can be done on your own. However, they might not be 100% effective, and others will require a special set of skills to implement effectively. For the effective removal of rats in your property, it is recommended that you contact our raccoon removal Oshawa company. They are better equipped and experience to handle your pest problem. Remember, getting rid of pest without taking precautions can be dangerous, its a task best left for the professionals.