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Professional raccoon removal solutions. We remove raccoons from attics, decks, roofs, and more. Commercial and Residential Solutions. Guaranteed Removal.

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Raccoon Removal Oshawa

Removal solutions for problem raccoons. Our technicians remove raccoons from attics, decks and more. Once animals exit we seal all entry points.

Effective and reliable services for the removal of raccoons. Whether the animals are in your attic or under your deck we can get them out humanely. Our technicians are trained, insured and experienced in solving all wildlife conflicts. Our raccoon removal and wildlife proofing services are guaranteed and are backed by a two year warranty. If you too are experiencing a raccoon problem in Oshawa give us a call: 647-557-7932.

Guaranteed Service

Warranty 2 years

All our raccoon exclusion work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If a raccoon get back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge.

Disinfection Services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection
Wildlife removal with thermal imaging
Thermal Image of Raccoon in Attic

Raccoon Inspection with
Thermal Cameras

The technicians at Raccoon Control own the most current technology at their disposal to do their work as efficiently as possible. Thermal imaging gives the technician the opportunity to look for objects that are not likely to be identified with the naked eye. With the thermal imaging camera, the technician is capable to detect the raccoon(s) with little trouble through the detection of infrared radiation that these animals emit. Through this, we can locate the most well-hidden raccoons behind walls and ceilings which leads to a fast exclusion.



Fully licensed and insured raccoon removal Oshawa professionals. We are committed to humane raccoon removal, exclusion and trapping methods.


We are available 24/7 to deal with any raccoon problems you might have. Call us to book a full wildlife inspection. If lines are busy, just leave a quick message and we will get back to you within minutes.



Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We price the removal, and animal proofing services separately. There are no hidden fees. Our rates are straight forward. No surprises!


We have several professional crews and can accommodate same day or next day service. It is easy to book an appointment. You can call any time to book for a time and day that works for you!



Our raccoon removal services are guaranteed and are backed by a 2 year warranty. If our work gets compromised we return at no additional cost.

Raccoon Proofing

Complete Raccoon Proofing Solutions with a 2-Year Warranty. Our Wildlife Proofing Services Include the Protection of Following Areas:

  • Roof Vents
  • Soffits
  • Roof Edges
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Wall Vents
  • Decks
  • Sheds
raccoon removal Oshawa

Raccoon Removal Solutions in Oshawa

Humane and Effective Services

Raccoon Removal Oshawa. Our personnel uses only humane techniques to get rid of raccoons. If the animals have broken into an attic or are entering the area under a deck we will install a one way door, repair animal damage and make sure all entry points are sealed. We stand by our exclusion services and provide a two year warranty for our work. After an inspection we will identify entry points and get to work. We also provide trapping, snaring services and disinfecting services. For solutions to raccoon problems in Oshawa call: 647-557-7932

Raccoon Trapping, Exclusion, Removal

Raccoons everywhere in the world, including Oshawa, are specified as nuance animals due to their habit of seeking shelter in human dwellings. Some of the common complaints we get from our clients include:

  • Raccoons living in the chimney
  • Raccoons living in the attic
  • Raccoons tipping over garbage bins
  • Stealing pet food
  • Getting sick from rabid raccoon bites

Due to these reasons, most homeowners wish to have these mischievous pests trapped and removed from their property. Raccoon Control offers raccoon trapping and removal as well as exclusion services. Depending on the severity of your raccoon invasion, our experts will recommend the appropriate service that will be suitable for your property. In case you have raccoons visiting your property at night and causing destruction to your garden and garbage cans, we will recommend an and exclusion service. But if they are already living in your attic, shed, or garage, you will need a removal service and well as an exclusion service to keep them out for good.

Warranty 2 years

Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Services

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Oshawa.

Raccoon Removal Durham

Raccoon problems are common in Oshawa just like in other suburban areas around Toronto. The animals have adapted perfectly and can easily break into attics.

Raccoons make their way into attics during the spring months. That is the time of year when raccoon mothers are on the search for safe and warm spaces to have their litter. In the summer months they tend to spend most of their time in dens outside, like under decks or sheds. Since setting up base in your attic or other solitary areas of the house is a favorite with raccoons, they cause considerable property damage in these sections of the home too. Raccoons are known to spread several diseases, not only between themselves and other animals, including pets, but also to humans. Among the more serious ones are rabies, which a raccoon can transfer through bites and scratches, leptospirosis, and roundworm infections. Call us today: 647-557-7932

Entry points repair

Raccoon entry points will vary in size and location. Raccoons are a big source of destruction and damage to your property. A raccoon infestation will not only lead not only damage but also health and safety hazards as well. Contagious diseases such as rabies can be spread to humans from raccoon bites. And while they often look like lovable, cute creatures, it is not a good idea to sustain them in an environment close to you or your pets. Before you consider taking care of your raccoon invasion, its crucial to prevent it in the first place. At Raccoon Control we offer Removal, Exclusion and Entry point repairs. 
Raccoons are capable of destroying your roofing tiles, shingles, and soffits as they try to gain entry into your home. You need to mark these points out so that when its time for repair, special material is used to keep them out for good. It is important that this task is handled by a professional, preventing raccoons is far much cheaper and easier than removing them.




raccoon removal from soffit Oshawa


raccoon dripedge damage Oshawa





Warranty 2 years

Call Us If You Need Help with Raccoons

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Oshawa.

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Common signs you have raccoons

It’s common for homes and businesses in Oshawa to be susceptible to wildlife infestations during winter. During this time, most animals are out foraging for food without any luck. They are also seeking a safe place to sleep and keep warm. Our homes offer the wildlife with both of these needs, and many of them will not hesitate to jump at this opportunity.

Raccoons are one of the most common creatures to invade our homes looking for a safe, warm place to sleep with an abundance of food. Therefore, how will you tell if a raccoon has invaded your home?

Signs you have raccoons in your home

  • Strange noises from the atticshed or garage
  • Look for signs of raccoons, most times, raccoons will not cover their tracks, and it will be very easy to know if they are guests at your home
  • Check for damage entry points
  • Look for raccoon droppings

If you notice any of these signs, it is important that you contact your local Oshawa Raccoon Control service and have them remove the raccoons. Raccoons can cause severe damage to your home if left; they are also a health and fire risk. Their dropping is known to carry parasites that could infect humans. When they get entry into your attic, they could destroy your insulation with their waste and chew off your electrical wiring.

Common Raccoon Damages

Raccoons are wild animals, and for this reason, they don’t make the perfect guests and especially in urban settings. Simply put, they are extremely sloppy and destructive. A few people have tried to keep them as pets, but their destructive nature, aggressiveness and health risk associated with raccoons have left them thinking otherwise. If you let a raccoon live in your attic, be prepared for some major damages. At Raccoon Control, we have seen hundreds of attics with raccoons, and the story remains the same, raccoons are very destructive.

Raccoons will not only chew and rip their way through your roofing tiles into your attic, but they will also chew and tear apart ducts. We are still unsure why they cause this kind of destruction, maybe they are simply looking for material to build nests, but at the end of the day, repairing these damages costs thousands of dollars to homeowners. If you suspect a raccoon has moved into your property, call your local Raccoon Control service for an inspection.

Warranty 2 years

We Offer Professional Raccoon Removal Services

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Oshawa.

When to Call Professional Raccoon Removal Services in Oshawa

When it comes to calling upon professional help, we often wait until the problem gets out of hand. Only then do we believe that it is time to call in the experts. And when it comes to raccoons, the sooner you call in the professionals, the better!

If you have a big raccoon population in your vicinity, you can be sure that your property and your home soon will turn out to be a target for these pesky creatures. After all, a human family means only one thing to raccoons – food!

In their search for food, raccoons not only end up invading your homes without thinking twice, but also end up damaging your property. Pets aren’t safe and neither are wires (raccoons love chewing up wires), and then, there are the more serious dangers of diseases and raccoon attacks too.

So if you’ve spotted a raccoon on your property or if there has been any reason for you to be wary of their presence, calling on professional raccoon control services should certainly be the next step.

We recommend calling in the professionals early for several reasons. Firstly, the possible damage that raccoons can cause cannot really be estimated. Whether it is damaging parts of your house in search of ways to get in, spreading their infectious urine and feces on your property, uprooting lawns to feast on grub, or even attacking pets who are only guarding their human owners, raccoons can cause quite the havoc.

Therefore, instead of losing your peace of mind or suffering financial damages, it is best to call on professional raccoon control services as soon as you find even the slightest indication of a raccoon problem in your area.

Raccoon control oshawa

How Raccoon Removal Services Can Protect Your Property

It’s important to ensure your home, office, business premise or any other property is well protected from wildlife. Failure to which may lead to business disruption, health risks and building damage. Some of the common creatures that may cause damage include squirrel, raccoon, skunk, groundhog, chipmunk, and mongoose. It’s recommended to seek professional services rather than protecting the property yourself. The service provider is trained in this field, follows the laidout safety guidelines and adheres to a code of ethics.How Wildlife Access your Property

Wildlife have varied reasons why they would seek refuge in your home or business premises. The following are some of the common reasons:

Conducive Environment

Leaving the hedge untidy, the grass too long, or not cleaning the attic will attract animals such as squirrels, skunks, birds and others. Some will opt to build a den or nest, while others will be hiding from their predators.

Destruction to their home

Fires, human encroachment, or bad weather may damage the creature’s home and will therefore use your property as an alternative.

Poor waste disposal

Leaving garbage or litter strewn allover or not keeping the lids to garbage bins on will attract animals. They will come to scavenge for food especially at night

Non-removal of construction debris

Loose stones, marble, bricks, felt, papers, demolished walls and other construction debris are known to attract many animals.

While it may look basic, wildlife removal service is very important. Not only does it eliminate unwanted creatures, but also protects the occupants, visitors, clients and the property. It is recommended to deal with a trustworthy, certified, insured, licensed and experienced professional firm.

Guaranteed Service

Warranty 2 years

All our raccoon exclusion work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If a raccoon get back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge.

What Does the Professional Raccoon Removal Service Entail?

Wildlife protection service is aimed at stopping a creature from accessing your property and the key features are as follows:


raccoon removal Oshawa

This seeks to stop wildlife from accessing your property. It entails creating an unconducive environment by maintaining a clean yard, keeping grass short, good litter management, and not leaving debris lying around. The professionals will assess the area to familiarize with the creatures and put the necessary measures in place.


Raccoon Inspection Oshawa

A professional firm may just come and examine the area to find out if there are any animals on your property. It involves looking for signs and symptoms, for instance, faces, urine stains, nests, scratch and bite marks, odor, fur remnant, dander and more. In case, there is evidence, the firm will start the elimination process, and if none is found, the provider will instill preventive measures.

Safe Removal

raccoon trapping Oshawa

If wildlife is detected or sighted, the service provider will begin the removal process. This consists of tracing the nest or hideout and safely removing the animal. The handler will also ensure that he/she and the people around are well-protected during the service.

Warranty 2 years

Affordable and Effective Wildlife Removal

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Oshawa.

How to Relocate Raccoons

If you have managed to trap a raccoon, your next move is how to transport it. Canadian law prohibits transporting protected wildlife for more than a kilometer without a permit. It is also likely that the raccoon will return to your property if released it in the given radius especially if it has young ones. Killing it is illegal and keeping it trapped in a cage, leaving it to starve or exposed to predators is inhumane. Capturing a mother also means the offspring, wherever they are, will die of starvation and dehydration.  

Do-it-yourself guides, though they appear practical, do not appreciate wildlife’s unpredictable nature. Raccoons are after all wild animals and they will attack when they feel threatened. The animal can easily reach through the cage to attack. A scratch or a bite can easily transmit rabies. Assuming you’re able to relocate the animal yourself, the cage may have urine and feces. These cause roundworms and bacterial infections if mishandled.

Other concerns with DIYs are you may purchase the wrong size trap and end up strangling or injuring the animal. Even if you do succeed in catching one, it is likely that another raccoon will make a home in the same spot as the previous one. Relocating a mother raccoon means it’ll navigate back and damage a sealed off area trying to reach its babies. 

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has studies show that wildlife mortality rates increase if they are removed from surroundings they are familiar with. Letting a trapped raccoon lose in the wild or unfamiliar territory may be a death sentence. It may be unable to adapt especially with regards to finding food sources. Other raccoons in the territory may also chase it away, increasing the likelihood of it becoming roadkill.

Best Way to Relocate Raccoons

Hiring a raccoon removal professional is the best way to remove raccoons from your property. The expert will remove all raccoons including babies and animal proof your attic, shed and other hideouts. Clean up and sealing the space is also part of the service they provide. Hire a company that guarantees its work for at least two years.  

"There's something in my attic!"
Warranty 2 years

Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Services

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Oshawa.

Attic Decontamination Services

Raccoons are perhaps the worst animals you want living in your attic. They will cause all manner of destruction to your insulation, cabling and stored items. It’s still puzzling why they cause so much destruction in the short time they end up living in attics; some people believe it is because they are looking for nesting material. After raccoons have been removed from your attic, it is a good idea to have your attic decontaminated. Raccoon feces and urine often carry harmful parasites that can be contagious to humans. They also soak up your insulation and ceiling with urine which poses a safety risk. Due to these factors, it’s important that you get the assistance of a professional to help you decontaminate your attic for you.

At Raccoon Control, we offer professional attic decontamination services. Our trained experts will use advanced equipment to ensure that your attic is free from raccoon waste and odour. Depending on the severity of damage, we will recommend the best action to take, sometimes all you need is a spot clean up.

Ask any expert, and they will tell you, the best way the raccoon control method is to prevent them from entering your property. However, if they still manage to enter your property despite your efforts to prevent them from getting in, the raccoon trapping and removal might be your only option. This is because, once they have entered your attic, shed or garage, you will need the help of a professional to get them out. It is important that you do not attempt to get the raccoons out by yourself.

raccoon prevention services

At Raccoon Control, we offer raccoon prevention services. Our experts are experienced in preventing and removal of raccoons. They will carry out an inspection and seal off any potential entry points so that raccoons do not get access in the future. Remember, preventing raccoons in much easier and cost less compared to getting rid of them.

Warranty 2 years


If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Oshawa.

Wildlife Removal Oshawa

Raccoon Control offers additional wildlife exclusion and removal services. We can remove raccoons we remove squirrels, skunks, birds and other wildlife in Oshawa. While other wildlife is not as destructive as raccoons they can be a nuisance as well. We offer humane, effective and affordable animal control and removal services. Our wildlife control technicians have experience and fully trained to deal with any and every wildlife control issue and provide professional squirrel removal, skunk removal and bird control services.

We are proud to have been serving our customers in Oshawa as long as we can remember. Raccoon control always has been at the forefront when it came to wildlife removal and continues to do so up to this very day. Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and other wildlife that frequent the city are invading properties across the entire region. Attics, sheds, crawl spaces, and garages are the most common places where we find wildlife. With the help of our ‘One-Way Door’, Raccoon Control is sure to bring the exclusion to a happy end quickly and effectively. The One-Way Door allows the animal to leave the premise and prevents the animal from re-entering. Our thermal cameras can pick up and detect any movement so that we can place the One-Way Door effectively for a quick exclusion. We do not harm or kill the animal in any of our procedures as Raccoon Control believes in a humane and harmless exclusion. We continue to serve our neighbours across the entire region with the same enthusiasm and quality service that we are known for all these years. 

Call us today for humane wildlife removal services in Oshawa and Centennial. If you need general information about wildlife in Oshawa please consult the city website for more information. All our animal removal services, are backed by our 2 year warranty.


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