Are Raccoons Dirty? Is it Okay to pet one?

How Do I Get Rid of Raccoon Latrine?

Raccoon latrine is a particularly widespread problem in Toronto and the whole of Canada really. Raccoon latrine is essentially the collection of raccoon feces and urine which is frequently deposited in one area due to habit and territorial significance. These sometimes-massive clumps can ruin the surfaces they are deposited on as time goes on, in addition to hosting a whole host of diseases and overwhelmingly putrid odours.

If you discover a latrine, you will likely notice that there is an equal distribution of fresh, dark-coloured excrement on top of putrefied, decaying feces that has seeped into the surface below. There will also be a strong smell of urine. For all intents and purposes, do not under any circumstances attempt to clean this dangerous mass of the waste. Consult a raccoon removal specialist immediately.

The reasons for consulting a professional company are numerous. First and foremost, raccoon latrine is a breeding ground for numerous dangerous diseases and even potentially contagious parasites. Raccoon roundworms can easily be transmitted to humans simply by exposing any part of the body to the latrine dump. Leptospirosis can mimic the symptoms of flu within humans and giardia can also be transmitted to humans from raccoon latrine, which can cause a dangerous bout of diarrhea if contracted.

A professional removal company will work immediately to remove the latrine from the area that it is discovered. This will typically involve the company wearing protective clothing, by which they will start to scoop and scrape the latrine into proper receptacles for safe disposal. A thorough disinfecting of the area will then follow will commonly feature a range of powerful chemicals that are deeply scrubbed and ingrained into the latrine site.

A removal specialist will safely remove latrine to ensure that you or any member of your household are not exposed to the bacteria. This is not a job to be done yourself and hiring a professional will ensure that you are not exposed to parasitic organisms and bacteria that cause illness. Call us for professional raccoon poop removal services.