What Does Raccoon Poop Look Like?

If you own a cat or dog, you are probably attuned to what their feces look like, therefore, it is easy to know if you find droppings around your home that appear differently. Raccoons can be problematic for homeowners in nearly all of Ontario, specifically in making horrible messes of outdoor trash receptacles. Raccoon feces have a distinctive appearance, and since it can be difficult to stay up all night waiting to confirm that these scavengers are making messes of your yard, discovering their droppings is a clear sign of their presence.

Raccoon poop is generally less thick than dog feces and is predominantly shaped like small tubes with off colours. Raccoons primarily eat a variety of berries in the wild, which is what gives their poop a reddish to purple colour. To confirm that the feces does indeed belong to a raccoon, wear a respirator mask and do a close inspection.

If the poop looks purple or red, with tiny, undigested berries within it, this is a clear indicator of the presence of raccoons. If you notice raccoon droppings, it is within your best interest to get rid of it. Raccoon feces can spread a bacterial infection known as leptospirosis, which can make humans and even other domestic pets very ill.

To remove raccoon feces, make sure you wear a thick and sturdy pair of gloves and a preferably a respirator mask to eliminate the foul odour. Using a shovel, scoop the feces up and place in a trash bag, be sure and tie the bag before placing it in an outdoor trash bin. Using soap and bleach, spray off the area where the feces were deposited and be sure and completely spray down the area to remove all traces of the poop.