Raccoon Dangers - Are Raccoons Harmful?

How Do Raccoons Protect Themselves?

Raccoons in Canada are on average more docile and tame-tempered than most other wildlife. Attacks on humans are rare but not out of the realm of possibility especially if the animal feels cornered or threatened. A raccoon attacks physically as a last result and has a repertoire of self-defense mechanisms that can be interpreted as warning signs of an impending attack.

How a Raccoon Defends Itself

Body Language:A raccoon will make itself look larger when under threat hoping to intimidate the enemy. It will elevate its tail and thrash it wildly, stick its fur straight up, round its back and leap up and down repeatedly. This should be taken as a warning sign that the animal is getting ready to attack.

Vocalizing:Raccoons, like most other animals, will make noises to scare off predators. The coon may make growling, shrieking, screaming, barking or hissing noises. These noises are usually coupled with the animal showing or bearing its sharp teeth. The growl is surprisingly guttural and should be taken as a serious sign to get away from the animal. Rabid raccoons may make these noises for no apparent reason.

Physical Attack:A raccoon will not hesitate to attack a human or pet if left no other choice or if the warning signs are ignored. Rabid raccoons will attack for no reason. Raccoons have strong claws and sharp teeth than can cause serious damage. These creatures are also surprisingly strong for their size. The primary concern of a raccoon attack is these animals are primary carriers of rabies. Visit a hospital or vet immediately you are your pet has been attacked by a raccoon whether or not you think it might be rabid. The same goes even for a small scratch or bite.

Call a Raccoon Removal Service to Get Rid of Raccoons

Keep in mind that it is illegal to kill a raccoon or transport wildlife for more than a kilometer without a permit if you are attempting DIY removal.

Call a licensed raccoon removal company in Toronto if you are having trouble with raccoons in or around your home. The expert knows how to evict the wildlife safely, clean and disinfect the den and repair damage. The expert will also wildlife-proof your home to avoid a future invasion.

Only an expert trained in handling wildlife can guarantee removing the raccoons safely, effectively, humanely and permanently. Ask for a warranty of at least two years before consenting to the service.