Benefits of Removing Old Attic Insulation after Raccoon Infestation

Benefits of Removing Old Attic Insulation after Raccoon Infestation

Getting raccoons out of the attic in Mississauga is definitely a cause for celebration but the work isn’t quite done yet. Many homeowners neglect to remove and replace the old attic insulation which leads to more unforeseen issues. It might be necessary to replace the insulation but it is best to consult with an expert so he can determine the right course of action. Sometimes a thorough cleaning and disinfecting may be all you need to restore the attic to its original condition.

Advantages of Replacing Old Insulation

One of the major concerns after a successful raccoon eviction is the urine and feces the animals leave behind. Raccoons leave large chunks of feces which are fertile ground for diseases some of which are airborne. The bacteria and viruses soak into the insulation and spread throughout the house via the HVAC system. Replacing the insulation may be an urgent health concern.

Secondly, raccoons typically pick a specific spot in the attic to use as a toilet. This is usually separate from the main living area. As the feces and urine accumulate and break down, they compromise the integrity of the insulation and eventually lower the insulation’s R rating. You may notice higher heating and cooling energy bills soon after.

Odor is another major problem. Getting the excrement that has had a long time to get deep into the insulation is virtually impossible. Again, the potent smell is spread throughout the house by the HVAC system. Even where there is no odor, subtle raccoon pheromones left behind in the insulation may attract other wildlife soon after eviction.

Finally, you may have no choice but to replace the old insulation if you have plans of putting your home on the market. A potential buyer will most definitely be put off by obvious signs of wildlife activity in the attic.

This may be a good time as any to replace your old insulation with a better and more efficient option.

Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

Replacing insulation is definitely not a job you want to undertake especially if you have no training or experience with this kind of work. Only an expert can guarantee that the job is done right. The expert will also judge whether it is necessary to replace the insulation in the first place.

Your raccoon removal might have been successful but there is no guarantee that the wildlife won’t return. A raccoon removal expert in Mississauga will inspect the attic and the entire house to ensure that it is properly sealed to avoid a future infestation.

The expert will also clean and disinfect to avoid the spread of odors and diseases. Finally, he will replace the old insulation and perform any other repairs that may be necessary. Get a warranty of at least two years for the job to guarantee a successful outcome.