What to Do When You Found Baby Raccoon on the Ground

How long do baby raccoons stay with their mothers?

Are you hearing loud scratching, scraping or stomping noises in your attic, under your deck or in your garage? It’s likely that Raccoons are living there. Are you also hearing whiny squeaks, squawks or squeals coming from the same area? That’s the sound of Raccoon babies and it takes a raccoon removal service in Toronto to take care of such delicate critters!

When spring time finally shows up in Ontario, Raccoons, like many other animals, decide that it’s time to have their babies. After they find a warm, cozy place to call home, usually from early to mid-march, the breeding season begins, and by April or May, their babies (or “kits”) will be born. So, how long do baby Raccoons stay with their mothers? A ten-week nursing period will start after the babies are born, and during this time they are entirely dependent on their mother for food and protection. Out of her litter of 8 kits, usually only 2 to 4 will survive to adulthood, and after their ten-week nursing period, she will teach them to find food and water on their own. Shortly after this, the young may choose to leave her, although they will often live with or close to their mother for up to a year after.

Equipped with all the proper removal, exclusion and safety gear, our technicians will be on the scene to inspect your property and remove raccoons and their young in a humane and efficient manner. Once the young and mother are removed, our technicians will release them together, providing them with water and shelter for the time being. The mother will then seek-out a new den to relocate her babies if they are still dependent on her, while our technicians begin to repair any damages the animals may have caused to prevent them from returning anytime in the future.