How to Get Possums and Raccoons from Pooping on my Porch

Stop Possums and Raccoons from Pooping on a Porch

Possums and raccoons can be dangerous based upon their bites and scratches, yet they can also be dangerous simply by depositing their waste. There is a whole litany of diseases and parasites that can live in possum and raccoon waste, many of which are transferable to humans. To remove a raccoon safely contact a raccoon removal service in Toronto. In addition to simply having the mess on your porch, desiccated or dried possum or raccoon waste can send particles into the air which can find their way into human lungs. Many Canadians frequently have to deal with the waste of these animals and the problem is just as dangerous as it is disgusting. Wildlife removal specialists can ensure that the animals are removed from your yard and the waste is safely disposed of and the area sanitized.

There are some steps you can take to keep the animals from defecating on your porch in the future. Possums and raccoons are drawn to human habitats because attaining food, moisture, and possible shelters are made all the easier with human dwellings. Attics and porches can be great spots for these animals to nest and the abundance of available food, from both waste and pets, helps to ensure that these animals are completely at home. To keep the animals from pooping on your porch, it is helpful to avoid things that draw them to homes in the first place. Never store your waste bins on or near a porch. This gives the animals a free pass to invade your porch and make a complete mess of it. After eating garbage, the animals will also poop on the porch both out of convenience and possibly to mark their territory.

Keep all pet food and water removed during the evening hours. At dusk, make it a habit to take up pet bowls and dispose of the food or bring it indoors. Empty all water containers out each night. When you have removed any easy food sources, you will want to ensure that your trash bins are as far from the home as possible and tightly secured. Strap all bins down with raccoon-proof straps and make sure the lids lock for when the animals turn the bins over. You can also have a removal specialist install wire mesh around your porch which will make the surface uncomfortable for the animals as they attempt to climb onto a porch.

Once the waste has been removed from the porch, make sure the entire surface is thoroughly sanitized. This will remove any possible diseases and parasites that are left behind. Possum and raccoon poop can be potentially dangerous; therefore, all traces of the waste should be completely removed by a professional raccoon poop removal company. Removal of the animals by a professional is obviously the most vital aspect to keep the animals from pooping on your porch. Wildlife removal specialists are skilled and trained to remove the animals and impart advice and even certain measures to keep the animals from returning to ruin your porch and structures.