How To Get Rid of A Raccoon

How To Get Rid of A Raccoon

How To Get Rid of A Raccoon. A raccoon can be very cute and adorable to view from a distance, but at the same time can be problematic. Here are some raccoon removal tips that can help keep off these creatures from your surrounding area.

A raccoon will go to any length to find food, especially when they can smell it. Therefore, proper cleaning of the home to ensure that no food particles are left lying around to attract them, will help keep them off. Ensure that all wastes are placed properly in garbage containers, which should be sealed properly. If possible, buy metal garbage cans that have attached lids; if you can’t afford these cans, put heavy weights on the lids of your garbage container to seal it tightly. This helps to prevent these scavengers from opening the container to access the food or water.

In addition, clean the garbage can regularly to remove all food particles and smell that might attract raccoons. Thereafter, dry the can upside down to drain all the water. Stored water will not only attract raccoons, but also mosquitoes that may cause malaria. Therefore, getting rid of any stagnant water is very important.

Repellants have been found to keep these creatures away from human surroundings. This is because raccoons despise the scent of repellants, and this makes them stay away. Repellants are usually available in powdery form and can be poured  around a property, especially at the entry point of raccoons from the woods. Also pour it around garbage cans, as well as on patios and porches. In case you’ve gone camping, pour the repellant, especially around the area where you’ve kept the food, and also around the tent.

Raccoons are very aggressive animals, and can attack human beings within seconds. That is why care needs to be taken when dealing with them. Irrespective of the method you choose to prevent them, always be very careful to avoid being bitten.

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