How To Remove A Raccoon - The How-To Guide

How To Remove A Raccoon – The How-To Guide

How To Remove A Raccoon. Raccoons are very adorable creatures. However, if they find a way to your home they are less than adorable. They are very destructive and annoying pests. They scatter garbage and droppings all over. They can also transmit diseases and parasites to your lovely pets. If they have already invaded your chimney, attic, or your walls you need to take the following steps of the raccoon removal process in order to get rid of them effectively and in humane way or you can check out our list of services.

Check for young ones before setting up your trap. If you do not, they will cause destruction before starving to  death, and you will have to smell their aroma of decomposition for weeks if not months.

Set up a trap of sufficient size for adult raccoons. Adult raccoons are very intelligent, nimble, and strong and can easily escape from flimsy traps. Once the animals have been captured, you can relocate them 15-20 miles away to prevent them returning.

Seal off all the entry points, clean your attic and make sure to cover garbage cans and avoid leaving pet food outside, as these may attract the raccoon back.

Some people believe chemical repellents discourage them. This is not the case. They are ineffective. If raccoons are feasting on your garden, gets a string wiring to give them an electric shock. The voltage should be very low, to only scare away the animal and be safe to your kids and pets. You can also buy a motion sensor water sprayers which works in the same way.

Another modern innovation of raccoon removal method applied where a trap is not possible, is a high-intensity strobe light. This is can be used in crawl spaces under your home. Raccoons have sensitive eyes that cannot endure bright flashing light. This will cause them to vacate your house within a day or two. Hopefully, these tips on steps of the raccoon removal process will be beneficial to you.

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