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Raccoons Stuck in Dumpster – How Can you Help?

Raccoons Stuck in Dumpster. While raccoons are excellent problem solvers they are know to sometimes get stuck. And in some cases they are known to get stuck in dumpsters. They are smart but this intelligence when couple curiosity often gets them into trouble, more often when foraging for food in the dumpster. They are good at finding the dumpster with the best food, and they will easily find entry into the dumpster, but they never contemplate about the escape route, so unless you help them out, they can be stuck there forever.

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Rescuing a raccoon from a dumpster is not an easy task even though they do not pose any danger to human. In fact, when you see them stuck, you will pity them, since they look scared and somehow confused when stuck especially during the day. Regardless, Raccoons are wild animals, and the last thing you want to do is get into the dumpster and try and get them out yourself.

To help them out, the first thing you can try is to use something to place inside the dumpster that the Raccoons that the animal can use to climb on. It can be anything, a ladder, some tree branches, cardboard, milk crate, large log or wood or a couple of full bags with something they can’t eat. Just place it in a slanting position, keep your distance, or just leave it there; it won’t be long before the Raccoon finds its way out.

Alternatively, you can ask for someone help and tip over the dumpster, a good approach, but this won’t be easy since dumpsters are heavy to tip over and to return them to their original position.

If you are scared to face them or the still inside the dumpster when you try to rescue them, you can call animal control department, who will take care of the rescue in no time. They have the tools necessary to rescue the Raccoons and most often will use the methods above.

Do not panic when you are trying to rescue raccoons, because they are smart enough to know you are and may act in a defensive manner. Remember, they are just scared and shy, and all they want is to get out of the dumpster. Just do whatever you have to rescue them, do not attempt to capture them since they may respond in an unfriendly way.

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