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How to Stop Racoons from Taking over your House

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, meaning, they are more active at night. They are also one of the brainiest or most intelligent animals in the world. Raccoons are mammals that have spots around their eyes, which look like masks and they have stripes on their tails. Some people also prefer to keep them as pets. The fact is, these animals are not that hard to find since you can even have them living in your chimney without your knowledge.

It is highly unlikely that you would like to share a house with a raccoon. The truth is, once they are inside your house they can wreck havoc as they will stop at nothing to get their next meal. So, here are guaranteed ways of getting rid of raccoons for good or call raccoon removal Markham

1. Ammonia

Many people have used ammonia to drive raccoons away and this has been highly successful since they don’t like strong, pungent smells. The downside to using ammonia is its effects to the breathing of human beings.

2. Trapping

One of the best ways of trapping them is by setting up a cage where they could be trapped and then use a long stick to drive them away from there. By doing so when wearing gloves, you can hardly get infected with the ringworms that they possibly have in their bodies. Take them using a long stick and then transfer them to a different place away from your home.

Mother raccoons usually have their babies living with them and by following the mentioned technique; you will bring no harm to the mother raccoon and her babies. Just remove them gently. In case they come back, you can always use raccoon eviction fluids which can be bought from stores.

3. Get rid of food sources

Since raccoons are mainly motivated by food, if you remove their sources of food, they will have no option but to leave your premise. This is how to do it: place your garbage cans probably in the garage or in a place where they cannot get to. Also, put your pet’s food in a place that’s inaccessible to the nuisance raccoons.

4. Keep dogs

Raccoons don’t like threats and so by keeping a dog in your yard and house, they will in no time leave your premise.

Even though raccoons can be very inconvenient to have, it does not mean that we should remove them by force or even kill them. The above are humane ways of evicting them from your house for good.