How To Raccoon Proof A Chimney

How To Raccoon Proof A Chimney. Raccoons like chimneys because they resemble the hollow trees that they like to dwell in when in the wild. Once in the chimney they will contaminate the area and if they break in during the Spring months a female raccoon might even try to have her kit there. Homeowners should ever ensure to prevent wild animals from accessing their homes in different ways. Raccoons are among the most pesky and dangerous wild animals which get into homes. Other popular undesired animals which are known to be home invaders include squirrels, woodchucks and skunks. However raccoons are the most destructive ones.

Raccoons are now referred to be the largest carriers of rabies strain which has majorly affected the North East zone. Having this in mind, no one wishes to have these undesirable animals in their homes. One way of keeping them away from your home is by animal proofing. How to proof raccoons from your chimney to discourage them from invasion is very vital. Since once the raccoon find their way into your home, they become quite defensive and can be more dangerous when they have babies with them. This then brings forward the importance to proof the chimney, so that these animals do not access it and reside in your home.

The first step to do is to trim back the hanging tree limbs that are very near to your house. This helps in keeping raccoons away from climbing down and finding their way into your home. These overhanging limbs are a major entry for raccoons to reach your chimney, attic, and other nesting places which these animals use. In order to prevent the chimney well, cover the chimney using a mercantile cap or screen it properly by use of about an inch of a mesh hardware piece of a cloth. It is even recommended to change and replace the boards in your house that are either rotten or loose. Also, obstruct open gaps and small holes which are situated around the chimneys, windows and air conditioners.

Knowing how to proof your chimney against raccoons is essential when you are looking forward to ensuring that wandering off raccoons do not go inside. Doing preventive measures and proofing against animals is the only method to make this occur.

Raccoon proofing your chimney ahead of time is important. If they manage to break in call us for removing raccoons from your chimney. Call: 647-557-7932