How To Remove A Raccoon From An Attic

How To Remove A Raccoon From An Attic

How To Remove A Raccoon From An Attic? The best way is to leave it up to professionals. Raccoons tend to seek shelter in attics during the Spring months.. This is because the attic offers a dry and safe home, and quick access to food from the garbage or pets. Female raccoons can use the quiet and warm space to have their kit. Determining if there are raccoons in the attic is not very hard. Raccoons produce crying, growling, chirping and scratching noises at night since they are nocturnal.

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These creatures are devastating since they tend to chew on wires, make holes on the roof, scratch off wall paper and even tear up the attic’s insulation. However, there are several ways to remove a raccoon from the attic. Traps are an inexpensive and efficient way to remove raccoons. There are traps which are specially designed to capture raccoon. These traps are available in various local animal control agencies. The key is to place some bait at the back of the trap before placing the trap in the attic. The bait lures the raccoons inside and hence triggers the door to close and trap the raccoon in. A pine cone coated thoroughly with peanut butter is an effective bait to use in the traps.

Raccoons are sensitive to bad odor, and this is a useful quality that can aid in removing them. Raccoon repellents are readily available in various animal control stores. Professional trappers usually have access to raccoon eviction fluid made from the urine, feces and scent of male raccoons. This fluid when used, can intimidate a female with young into leaving the attic. A rag soaked in ammonia can also be used to drive away the creatures without causing any harm to them. Raccoons prefer to live in a particular environment.

They are nocturnal creatures that prefer darkness to light, lightening up the attic with floodlights can drive them away. Raccoons also do not like loud music; playing loud music in the attic can  scare and cause them to flee. Seeking professional advice from wildlife control agencies is however the best way to get rid of raccoons. The removal process is done quickly and efficiently without causing any harm to the raccoon.

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