Raccoon Facts - Interesting Facts About Raccoons

Raccoon Facts – Interesting Facts About Raccoons

Raccoon Facts. Of all the challenging urban wildlife that can cause problems for homeowners, raccoons are among the most troublesome.  Clever, dexterous and persistent, these mammals are the bane of many a homeowner due to their ability to cause damage to property, specifically during late winter and spring when they begin reproducing.  Furthermore they are also protected wildlife under the Ministry of the Environment, which unfortunately for homeowners means that require professional assistance to have them removed should they break into a home.

In addition to their mask (the area of black fur around their eyes), raccoons have several characteristics which make can them particularly troublesome for homeowners.  Raccoons are cunning, persistent highly intelligent creatures that are able to solve complex challenges relatively easily over time.  Raccoons deal with problems by working harder to solve them.  They are creative problem solvers, determined and actively work at developing their intellect For example, studies have demonstrated that the animals are able to open complex locks and remember the solution when given similar problems to resolve.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, however and are typically solitary.  However, given that their habitats have given them regular contact with humans over several generations many raccoons have developed a lack of fear of humans.  As such when they feel threatened by humans they will defend themselves, especially in the case of protective mothers.  Raccoons usually do not prey on domestic cats and dogs, but individual cases of killings have been reported. Attacks on pets may also target their owners.

One of their more troublesome traits is their digital dexterity and awareness.  Although they do not have opposable thumbs like primates, they are able to manipulate objects with a fair degree of ease.  Their three middle fingers are able to come a across the palm, which gives them the ability to perform more complex tasks.  Their primary sense is also their paws due to the presence of whiskers are called vibrissae.  Similar to those on cats and dogs, they convey sensory information when they an object giving them a great deal a knowledge.  This in tandem with their problem solving intellect and manual dexterity creates problems for homeowners as they are able to open secured garbage cans, unzip tents, open Tupperware lids and enter weak points on homes with relative ease.

Given these traits it is important to consider professional help when attempting to deal with these unwanted creatures. Should one of these bandits attempt to enter your home in search of shelter or food, contact a wildlife removal company to keep these animals out for good. Call: 647-557-7932